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Horoscope Aquarius - Traits and Personality Forecast

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Predictions
Zodiac Sign - AquariusZodiac Symbol - Water Bearer
Lord Planet - SaturnBehaviour - Cruel (Tamoguni)
Moon Sign Alphabet - Gu, Ge, Go, S, Si, Su, Se, So, DConstellation - Dhanishtha, Satbhisha, Purvabhadrapad
Sun Sign Date - January 20 To February 18Lucky Days - Friday, Saturday
Lord Deity - Shiva, ShanidevMerits - Male, Worker(Sudra)
Compatible Direction - WestForm & Element - Stable (Sthir) & Air
Gemstone - Blue Sapphire in Middle FingerLucky Metal & Color - Gold/Iron & Blue/Black
Compatible Signs - Taurus, Capricorn, PiscesLucky Number/Dates - 8, 17, 26

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Prediction - Aquarius Traits Forecast - Aquarius Horoscope Characteristics

Saturn Mantra

"Om Pram Prim Prom Sah Sanescray Namah"

Saturn Vedic mantra

"Neelanjansmabasam Raviputram Ymaagrajam Chaayamaartandsambhutam Tam Nmami Sneshchram"

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Aquarius Prediction - Aquarius Horoscope Forecast
Element air, ruled by Saturn, communicative, sociable, independent, demanding, progressive, resisting change, resourceful, inventive.

Horoscope Aquarius Personality Forecast - Zodiac sign Aquarius born persons have tall with full stature body, well-formed body and features, clear complexion, oval face, handsome appearance, brown or black hair and little big nose. Their eyes look blue or green, mysterious for others. Astrology sign Aquarius called as Kumbha Rashi in Sanskrit.

Horoscope Aquarius Characteristics Forecast - Aquarians are shy when it comes to exhibiting their talents before the audience. The sign has a quality to serve others. They are collectors of things for future and like fine arts and music. Aquarius have constellations effect in behavior such as philosophical outlook, patience, and perseverance.

They do efforts always for earning money. They are conservative and usually choose the occupation of a teacher, speaker, or writer. The sign is highly sympathetic and generous.

Horoscope Aquarius Traits Forecast - Aquarius sign generate more friendliness and compassion in society. They are basically humanists and they are likely to be misunderstood and likely to be disappointed in love. Aquarians believe in the essential goodness of humanity and react real mercy to poor people.

Aquarius should not be lazy and lethargic. They should not be worried and blind faith on everyone. They should be alert from enemy and health issues.
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