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According to Indian astrology, zodiac sign of two types:
Sun Sign - Called Solar or western sign also. This is based on planet Sun's position in the horoscope. The Sun situate at which zodiac house called the Sun sign.
Moon Sign - Called Lunar or Indian astrology sign also. This is based on planet Moon's position in horoscope. The Moon situate at which zodiac called the Moon sign.
But Moon signs have two types also.
Birth Moon Sign - Basically this considered most important star sign. This is based on Moon's position in a house of a horoscope at time of birth.
Name Moon Sign - Usually, people use their name which is not according to birth Moon sign, then they have the impact of two zodiac signs in their life, one impact through birth Moon sign and second impact through name Moon sign. (ex.: A man birth zodiac is Aries but he uses name as Jacky, then his name Moon sign is Capricorn). Indian astrology suggests keeping the name according to birth moon sign. Usually, people of western countries deal with Sun signs and Indians with Moon signs. Find Name Moon Sign and Western Star Sign online

Astrology zodiac sign predictions - astrological signs of the zodiac - what zodiac says - Rashi and Rashifal

Horoscope Zodiac Sign Forecast

Zodiac signs (Rashi) are astrological symbols, in zodiac astrology, its called also star/western or astrology signs, prediction (Rashifal) can be made through zodiac astrology. In Indian astrology, 12th houses have influence over the world. Star signs are ruled by nine planets in astrology.

Rashi Mantra

Zodiac Sign Prediction - Aries (Mesha)

Element fire, ruled by Mars planet, gallant, courage, energy, angry, jealous, comparative,
Independent, self-centered, quick response to situations, defeat from hidden enemy.

Zodiac Sign Prediction - Taurus (Varsh)

Element earth, ruled by Venus planet, sensual, pleasure-seeker, realistic, stable,
Uncompromising, social, careless, romantic, dependent on others.

Zodiac Sign Prediction - Gemini (Mithun)

Element air, ruled by Mercury planet, quick, versatile, shy, friendly,
Adaptable, communicative, criticizer, complainer, expressive and clever.

Zodiac Sign Prediction - Cancer (Karka)

Element water; ruled by the Moon planet, emotional, seeks safety and closeness
Moody, reflective, passive, sensitive, attached to the past and jealousy.

Zodiac Prediction - Leo (Simha)

Element fire, ruled by the Sun planet, organizer, ambitious.
Creative, self-indulgent, confidential, strong vitality, honorable and dignified.

Zodiac Sign Forecast - Virgo (Kanya)

Element earth, ruled by Mercury, critical point of view, studious, adaptable,
Quiet, health conscious, critical, petty, self-centered, methodical and loving.

Zodiac Sign Forecast - Libra (Tula)

Element air; ruled by Venus, charming, cooperative, flirtatious, sense of beauty,
Seeks balance and harmony, oversensitive, demanding, magnetic, affectionate and social.

Zodiac Sign Forecast - Scorpio (Varshchik)

Element water; ruled by Mars, passionate, intense, motivated, loyal,
Creative, abuse of power, fanatic, self-serving and spiritual outlook.

Astrology Sign Prediction - Sagittarius (Dhanu)

Element fire; ruled by Jupiter, free spirit, carefree, cheerful, outspoken,
Humorous, restless, wanderlust, lawless, lack of Humility, philosophical and lucky.

Astrology Sign Prediction - Capricorn (Maker)

Element earth; ruled by Saturn, reserved, stable, self-conscious,
Ambitious, miserly, indifferent, practical, self-disciplined, responsible and reliable.

Astrology Sign Prediction - Aquarius (Kumbh)

Element air; ruled by Saturn, communicative, sociable, independent,
Demanding, progressive, resisting change, resourceful, inventive and humanitarian.

Astrology Sign Prediction - Pisces (Mean)

Element water; ruled by Jupiter, sensitive, compassionate, helpful, sociable
Spiritual, artistic, susceptible, dishonesty and sensitivity to the needs of others.

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