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Hindu Stotra and Mantra - Indian Prayer

Indian stotras in Hindi and Sanskrit, here you can read and listen Hindu Stotram, Mantra, Vedic Chants, Hymn, Armour and Octet of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses. These Sanskrit stotras, Indian religious prayers, and Vedic - Puranokt strotram or Incantations are from Hindu Vedas and Scriptures

Read and Listen Hindu Devotional Stotra (Indian religious prayer). Below is an index of mostly all Hindu prayers and mantras.
स्त्रोत्रम - मंत्रा - कवच - अष्टक - सूक्तं.

Prayers and stotras in Hindi

Stotram - स्त्रोत्रम - Hindu religious prayers and chant in Sanskrit - Indian Prayer

Word element is the beginning element and this is the "Braham" and its other form is the universe and whole matter. Bible says also " In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was the God." And the "Om" consider first world element in Hindu literature. Pronunciation power works in four-way, three way is hidden and one is open, called "Bakhri" (speak). Other three called "Para", "Pasyanti" and "Madyma". Mantra or incantation pronunciation done by "Bakhri" and other three hidden power work with the wave base. Word element is finally the power of matter, and its other form is this world and things.

We serve many popular mantra or spell and Vedic chants. Stotras and Vedic charm from Hindu and Jain religion in Sanskrit (Dev Bhasha) and Devnagri. Recitation of Planet Stotra and spell in proper pronunciation will help to minimize evil effects of planets. Prayer and hymns of nine planets prevent evil effect and obstacle of life.

Stotras, hymns (bhajan), octets (aastkam), armour (Kavach), devotional music burn sin of life and keep away all obstacles, unwanted circumstances and sorrows. Many of stotras and mantras available in MP3 format. All the contents are based on the Vedic scripture (Dharmik Grantha), books and shastra. We do not guarantee the correctness of the content. Use of any content is user's own choice and judgment.


Mangalacharan stotram    Dadashnaam stotram     Aastotarsatnam stotram     Ganesh Dasha Akshar Stotram

Mantra strotra    Ganesh PanchRatan Strotra     Gajanan Stotra     Ganesh Panch Amar Stotra

Ekakshar Ganpati Kavcham     Haridra Ganesh Kavcham     Vakratund Ganesh Kavcham

Ganesh Aastkam    Ganpati Aastkam     Sankat Haran Ganesh Aastkam     Gajanana Strotra

Ganpati Aatharvsirsh Stotra     Maha Ganpati Strotra     Ganesh Aapradh Shamapan Stotra


Durga Namavali    Bhawani Aastkam     Chandika Aastkam     Tantrokt Devi Suktam

Durga Aastotar Satnam Strotram     Chandika Hridya Strotra     Devi Tandav Strotram

Chandi Kavcham    Durga Kavcham    Durga Aargala Strotra     Durga Kilak Strotram

Durga Kunjika Strotram    Mahisasur Mardini Strotram     Aapradh Shamapan Strotram


Shiva Shat Akshar Strotram    Shiva Panch Akshar Strotram     Jyotirling Namavali Strotram    Daridrya Dahan Shiv Strotram

Pradosh Strotram    Shiva Aastk     Bilva Aastkam     Sada Shiva Aastkam

Maha Mritunjaya Kavcham    Shiv Tandav Strotram     Mrit Sanjivan Strotram


Vishnu Shat Pad Strotram    Vishnu Satnaam Srotram     Vishnu Aashtotersatnaam     Aachyut Aastkam     Vishnu Mahinman


Shree Suktam     Laxmi Suktam     Kanak Dhara Strotram     Lakshmi Panchkam

Aastha Lakshmi Stotra    Dhan Lakshmi Stotram     Laxmi Stotram

Lakshmi Stav    Maha Lakshmi Kavcham     Shree Stav

Shree Stuti    Lakshmi Aastotersatnaam Stotra     Shree Laxmi Stotra



Surya Aaditya Hridya Strotra     Surya Mantra    Surya Aastkam     Surya Kavcham


Chandra Mantra     Chandra AastavishtiNamavali    Chandra Kavcham


Mangal Kavcham     Mangal Mantra     Rhinmochak Mangal Strotra


Brahspati Strotra     Brahspati Mantra     Brahspati Kavcham


Buddh Panchvishti Namavali     Buddh Mantra     Buddh Kavcham


Sukra Kavcham     Sukra Mantra


Shanechar Strotra     Shani Mantra     Shanechar Stavraj Strotra


Raahu Strotra     Raahu Mantra    Raahu Kavcham


Ketu Panchvishti Namavali     Ketu Mantra     Ketu Kavcham


Navgraha Mantra     Navgraha PeedhaHer Strotra     Navgraha Keraavlab Strotra     Navgraha Strotra


Krishna Dadash Namavali    Madhur Aastkam Gopal Stuti

Krishna Aastotersatnaam Strotra     Krishna Stavraj     Gopal Hridya Strotram


Shri Ram Prath Smaran    ShriRam Hridaya Strotra     Ram Aastotersatnaam Strotram

Raghav Aastkam    Ram Aastk     Ramchandra Aastkam


Hanuman StavRaj    Hanuman Davanal Strotram


Dattatreya Strotra    Dattatreya Aapradh Shamapan Stotra


Kaali Satnam     Kalika Kavch     BhairavKrit Kaali Kavcham     KaamKala Kaali Strotra    Trilokya Mohan Kali Kavcham


Gaytri Mantra     Gayatri Strotra     Gayatri Shaap Vimochan     Gaytri Upnishat


Saraswati Strotra    Bhagwati Saraswati Strotram     Saraswati Aastotersatnaam Strotra


Navkar Mantra     Bhaktamer Strotra     Prabhu Aarti

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