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Vishnu Sanskrit Prayer - Ashcyut Ashtkam - Narayan Satnaam Stotra

Lord Shri Vishnu worshipped in whole India. People use Vishnu Stotra, Narayan Naamaavali, Balaji hymn, ashcyut ashtkam and Shatpad prayer in Sanskrit when conducting the Shree Hari Pooja.

God Vasudev called universe creator also known as the Param Purush in Hindu mythology. Lord Shri Narayana exists in past, present, and future and will exist after the doomsday. Jagdishwar called the preserver of the world. Mata Mahalakshmi exists ever with him.

Vishnu Mahinman - Narayan Satnaam Stotra - Ashcyut Ashtkam - Vishnu Shatpad

Vishnu has relevance with planet astrology also. The Sun and Jupiter belong to Narayan. Thus, Leo and Sagittarius also related to him. Whose sign is Leo or Sagittarius, then adoration of Parmeshwara remains beneficial.

Tirupati Balaji is a world famous holy place in India. Tirupati Balaji Darshan and Yatra considered holy journey for appeasing Lord Vittal. Tirupati Balaji temple earns high revenue from devotees of all over the world. There are some interesting facts about the Tirupati Balaji.

What are the ten Names of God Vishnu?

  • Balaji - One who has supreme strength
  • Shri Hari - Pain reliever
  • Narayan - God of humans
  • Jagdish - Lord of universe
  • Parmeshwar - Lord of all Gods
  • Vasudev - Who has all wealth
  • Achyutam - Indestructible
  • Hrishikesh - God of Sages
  • Vitthal - One who brings prosperity
  • Lakshmikantam - Lord of Devi Lakshmi

Who are the ten avatars of God Narayana?

  • Matsya - Incarnation of fish
  • Kurma - Embodiment of tortoise
  • Varaha - Who takes the form of a boar to rescue earth
  • Narsimha - One human with half body of lion
  • Vaman - One who dwarf
  • Parshurama - A sage
  • Shri Rama - Human incarnation in Satyuga
  • Krishna - Human incarnation in Dwaparyuga
  • Buddha - A monk in Kaliyuga
  • Kalki - A worrior who will come in future

Ashcyutashtkam is starting with Ashcyutam Keshvam Ram Naraynam, which is very graceful, pleasant and nice prayer of Shri Hari. Another great Vishnu Shatpad Sanskrit Stotra is 6 verses of shalokas. An adorer should performed adoration with these prayers and at the least, perform the Vishnu Aarti.

Ashcyut Ashtkam - अच्युत अष्टकम

Vishnu Shatpad Stotram - विष्णु षट्पद स्त्रोत्र

Vishnu Satnaam Stotra - श्री विष्णु सतनाम स्त्रोत्र

Lord Parmeshwara has thousands of names in Vedas. Here is a 100 names of Vishnu Stotra, which should be read during his veneration.

Vishnu Ashtottara Shat Namavali Strotram - विष्णु अष्टोतरशत नामावली स्तोत्र

Another Narayana Namavali with 108 great names of Jagdishwara.

Mahinman Strotra - विष्णु महिन्मन स्तोत्रं

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Vishnu and who created him?

Vishnu is the God among trinity who is responsible for the world's rearing. MahaVishnu who is Niraakaar, created Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. There are infinite parallel universes and each universe has own trinity, created by MahaVishnu.

What is importance of Vishnu Pooja during Lakshmi worship?

He is called husband of Lakshmi. In Indian culture, where the husband is not respected, the wife's departure is considered prohibited, so Vishnu worship is also necessary for the happiness of Lakshmi.

What is the reference to Vishnu in astrology?

Vishnu refers the planet Sun and Jupiter, which are represents soul and knowledge. Thus worship of him, beneficial for a native whose Sun and Jupiter are weak in a horoscope.

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