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Shiva Sanskrit Prayers - Mrityunjaya Kavcham - Sadashiv Ashtakam - Tandav Stotra

Mahadeva should be worshipped with Shiva Stotra, Rudra Kavcham, Maha Mrityunjaya Kavacham, Jyotirlinga Namavali ode, Sadashiva Ashtkam, Shiv Tandav and Mahadev Aarti. Lord Shiva is almighty God among trinity. Vedas are full of praise and prayers of Sadashiva.

God Mahadev is worshiped in the form of Shiva Linga. Lord Mahadev has a trident also knows as Trishul in the right arm and crescent on his head. He destroys the enemies of his enthusiasts by the trident. Shankra called the father of Ganesha and Murugan.

Jyotirling Namavali - Daridraya Dahan Stotra - Shiva Panch Akshar and Shat Akshar Ode

It is believed that, no one can change destiny of a person except God Shiva. Many ancient stories in the scriptures, show us, that's how Mahadev changed the destiny of other persons. You can get Shiva books and PDF for his adoration. His name is holy and powerful. He has thousands of names in the scriptures.

What are the popular names of Lord Shiva with their meanings?

  • Mahadeva - One who supreme God
  • Rudra - Lord of Ganas
  • Maheshwar - Lord of the universe
  • Shanker - Supreme divinity
  • Shambhu - Auspicious Deity
  • Sadashiva - Always auspicious Lord
  • Shoolpani - One who carries a trident
  • Neelkanth - One who has blue neck
  • Natraj - The Master of dance
  • Umapati - Husband of Uma

Lord Shivshanker is associated with astrology, the planet Moon and Monday is belongs to him. Shiv prayers reduce the malefic influence of Moon, Saturn and Raahu. If the fifth house in a birth chart has the influence of Saturn, it is indicated that native is a devotee of him.

Shiva Shat Akshar Shlokas - शिव षट अक्षर स्त्रोत्र

These are 6 verses in a prayer called Shat Akshar stotram. This is used during worship Shiva-linga. Wikipedia describes for how to conduct Shiva Pooja.

Shiva Panch Akshar Stotra - शिव पञ्च अक्षर स्त्रोत्र

Lord Shiva is the form of positive and negative energy. Shiva means the combinations of Param Purush aka the supreme man and Param Shakti aka the supreme female. Therefore, he called Aradhnarishwar. It also means auspicious and kind. These are 5 verses in an ode called Panch Akshar Stotra. This is sung during his veneration. Listen this song.

Jyotirlinga Namavali ode - दवादश ज्योतिर्लिंग स्त्रोत्रम

There are 12 Jyotirlinga in the universe. These are holy places of Hinduism. In the prayer of Jyotirlinga Namavali, devotee reads the 12 names of Jyotirlinga. It believed, that recitation of this ode on the daily basis, fulfill all desires and get the boon of Shankra. One of the famous place is Amarnath. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is a very holy journey to God Amarnath. This is a nice guide for Jyotirlinga pilgrimage.

Daridraya Dahan Stotra - दारिद्र्य दहन शिव स्त्रोत्रम

Daridrya dahan Shiv prayer destroys sin and poverty from the life. Recitation of this hymn gives prosperity and fame. It believed, daily reading of this ode can remove poverty.

Bilva Ashtk - Pradosh Strotram - Sadashiv Ashtkam - Shiva Octet

Shiva Ashtakam Stotra - सदाशिव अष्टक

Shiva octet is eight Shloka or verses of a prayer called Ashtakam. Sadashiv octet removes all obstacles and sorrows if recited daily. Sadashiva Ashtakm sounds very pleasant during singing.

Shiva Pradosh veneration - शिव प्रदोष स्त्रोत्रम

Shiva Pradosha hymn should be recited on Pradosh Ratri or on a Mahashiva Ratri also known as the festival night of Maheshwar, for getting grace of him.

Shiva Bilva Ashtkam (octet) - बिल्व अष्टक

Lord Neelkanth fond of Bilva leaves. The tree of Bilva Patra considered very auspicious and holy in the Shiva Puran. Use of leaves of Bilva in the worship of him, destroys all sins of the devotee. According to this, in a Bilva leaf, Lord Brahma exists in the root, Lord Vishnu exists in the middle of the leaf, and Shambhu exists in the front of the Bilva Patra. So, an ode named Bilva Ashtkam is used during the veneration of him. Bilva Ashtkam should be used during praise of Shiv Linga.

Shiva Ashtakam (octet) - शिव अष्टक

This is another Ashtkam of Maheshwar which sounds very pleasant. It removes pain and misery from the life. Lord Shiva has won his own life, rebirth/regeneration, as he considers immortal in the Hindu Vedas. Recitation with Rudrakash beads rosary, appeases him a lot. Rudrakasha are symbols of spiritual energy.

Maha Mrityunjaya Kavacham - Shiva Tandava Prayer - Mrit Sanjivan Kavcham

Maha Mrityunjaya Kavach (armor) - महामर्त्युंजय कवच

Armor aka Kavacham prevents enemies, pain and sorrows, according to Hindu mythology. Mahadeva produces 70 million (7 crores) mantras according to the ancient Vedic literature. The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is one of the greatest charm of him. Recitation of MahaMrityunjaya Kavach may prevents diseases and life-loss (Akaal Mirtu). This prayer in many forms below, is in Shloka form.

Shiva Tandav Stotra - शिव तांडव स्त्रोत्र

Natraj has a third eye upon the eyebrows under the order chakra, it is considered, whenever he starts to dance in the form of Tandava and opens his third eye, the universe faces doomsday. Scriptures describes a nice prayer called Rudra Tandava or Shiva Tandav.

Mrit Sanjivan Kavcham - मृत संजीवन कवच

This is really an armor called Mrit Sanjivan Kavcham. According to its name, it believed, it can turn the dead into alive, mean it can prevents loss of life. Rudra considers destroyer of the whole universe. Lord Shanker is the first teacher (Mahaguru) of the universe because all knowledge and arts such as astrology, Swarodaya Shastra, meditation etc, produced by the him.

Frequently Asked Questions

शिव कौन है और उनका जन्म कैसे हुआ ?

भगवान् शिव महा शक्तिशाली और त्रिदेव में से एक देव है. वैसे तो उनको अजन्मा कहा गया है, परन्तु विष्णु पुराण के अनुसार महाविष्णु ने अपनी शक्ति से ब्रह्मा, विष्णु और महेश को उत्त्पन किया और संसार का पालन, पोषण और संहार की आज्ञा दी.

शिव के कितने अवतार कहे जाते है ?

वैसे तो शिव के 19 अवतार कहे गए है, जिनमे वीरभद्र, भैरव, ऋषि दुर्वासा, नंदी, अश्वथामा, वृषभ, अवधूत और हनुमान जी प्रमुख अवतार हैं.

शिवलिंग की पूजा क्यों की जाती है ?

शिवलिंग निराकार और ब्रह्मांड का प्रतीक है, समस्त ब्रमांड शिवलिंग ही है, क्यों की ब्रमांड भी निराकार है, इसलिए उनके निराकार स्वरुप की पूजा के लिए शिवलिंग पूजा का विधान है.