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Saraswati Stotra - Sarasvati Namavali - Saraswati Aarti

Goddess Saraswati is worshipped by Sanskrit Stotram, such as Sarasvati Namavali aka Ashtottara Satnam Stotra and Saraswati Aarti. There are many Sanskrit mantras of her which is used for getting success, knowledge and wisdom,

Saraswati means one who speaks in very pleasant, influence full and auspicious voice. She is a goddess of the trinity of Lakshmi, Parvati and Saraswati.

She holds a book which is called a symbol of knowledge and a rosary known as spirituality. She holds a musical instrument called Veena. She mounts on a peacock or swan knows as symbol of the arts. She mounts on a white lotus also, and wears white clothes. Here is a nice article about her origin, story and facts at

Goddess Sharda is a deity of astrology, knowledge, education, music, science, and arts. She is called the goddess of Vedas, Upanishads and divine knowledge.

Saraswati Ashtottara Satnam Stotra - Saraswati Aarti Song in Hindi

She is known by many of names, here is a list of top 10 names of Saraswati. You can read the 108 Saraswati Namavali in Sanskrit also.

What are Devi Saraswati's other names with their meanings?

  • Saraswati - Who speaks auspicious voice
  • Sharda - Goddess of arts
  • Veenavadini - One who like to play a harp
  • Savitri- Ray of light
  • Megha - Owner of wisdom
  • Bharti - Goddess of knowledge
  • Vagdevi - Proficient in speaking
  • Vidushi - Intelligent
  • Akshara - Goddess of letter and grammar
  • Vidya - Knowledge

Ashtottara Satnam Stotra - सरस्वती अष्टोतर शतनाम

This is Sarasvati Namavali with 108 names of her.

Sarasvati Stotra - सरस्वती स्त्रोत्र

Listen the MP3 Stotra

Saraswati Stotram - सरस्वती स्त्रोत्रम द्वितीय

This is a prayer from Vedas which is used to worship her.

Saraswati Aarti - सरस्वती आरती

People worship her for wisdom and divine knowledge. "Jai Saraswati Mata, Maiya Jai Saraswati Mata" is the lyrics of the Saraswati Aarti song.

जय सरस्वती माता, मैया जय सरस्वती माता,
सदगुण वैभव शालिनी, त्रिभुवन विख्याता. जय सरस्वती..

चन्द्रवदनि पद्मासिनि, द्युति मंगलकारी,
सोहे शुभ हंस सवारी, अतुल तेजधारी. जय सरस्वती माता..

बाएं कर में वीणा, दाएं कर माला,
शीश मुकुट मणि सोहे, गल मोतियन माला. जय सरस्वती माता..

देवी शरण जो आए, उनका उद्धार किया,
पैठी मंथरा दासी, रावण संहार किया. जय सरस्वती माता..

विद्या ज्ञान प्रदायिनि, ज्ञान प्रकाश भरो,
मोह अज्ञान और तिमिर का, जग से नाश करो. जय सरस्वती..

धूप दीप फल मेवा, माँ स्वीकार करो,
ज्ञानचक्षु दे माता, जग निस्तार करो. जय सरस्वती माता..

माँ सरस्वती की आरती, जो कोई जन गावे,
हितकारी सुखकारी, ज्ञान भक्ति पावे. जय सरस्वती माता..

जय सरस्वती माता, जय जय सरस्वती माता,
सदगुण वैभव शालिनी, त्रिभुवन विख्याता.
जय सरस्वती माता, मैया जय सरस्वती माता...

Frequently Asked Questions

On which day, Saraswati should be worshipped?

She can be worshipped everyday. But, Basant Panchmi is special day for her adoration.

How was Mata Saraswati born?

There are many stories one is, she appeared by Lord Brahma, when he meditated. Another is, Mahavishnu created Shiva and Saraswati, Vishnu and Parvati, Brahma and Lakshmi. Then, he gives Sarasvati to Brahma, Lakshmi to Vishnu and Parvati to Shiva and ordered them to operate the universe.

For which reasons, Saraswati worshipped?

One who has a desire for divine knowledge, intelligence and wisdom, the one should worship her everyday.

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