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Surya, Chandra, Guru, Shani, Shukra, Mangal, Buddh, Raahu and Ketu Stotras

The extensive guide for Navgraha prayers, including Surya Stotra, Chandra Namavali, Brahaspati Kavcham, Mangal Stotram, Buddh Namavali, Shukra Kavach, Shani Stotra, Raahu veneration, Ketu Naamavali. The prayers of nine planets or Graha are in Sanskrit.

The God assigned the power to the nine stars to rule on the nature and universe according to Hindu scripture and Vedic planet astrology. The Planets give the results according to our actions aka Karma. These stars make influence both good and bad on everything of the world. Nav grahas are considered as deities in Indian scriptures.

According to Hinduism planets, consider deities, and worshiped in Hindu religion. Stars influence the aura (energy body/soul) by a specific way. Humans can change and tune the energy body through chants and supplication of planets.

Navgraha Stotras - Hindu Nava Graha Stotra and Veneration

What is the relation between Navgraha and astrology?

Navgraha considered deities in Hinduism and astrology. They are rule over the nine planets and 12 zodiac sign. These 9 Graha are as follows:

  • Surya - Lord of Sun planet and Leo sign
  • Chandra - Lord of Moon and Cancer zodiac
  • Mangal - Ruler of Mars planet and, Aries and Scorpio signs
  • Buddh - Associated with Mercury star and, Gemini and Virgo signs
  • Shukra - Lord of Venus and, Taurus and Libra zodiac
  • Brhaspati - Lord of Jupiter and, Sagittarius and Pices signs
  • Shani - Owner of Saturn and, Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac
  • Raahu - Lord of Uranus, has not ownership with any sign
  • Ketu - Lord of Neptune, has not ownership with any zodiac

Navgraha Peedahar Stotra - नवग्रह पीडाहर स्त्रोत्रम

Prayers and hymns of planets prevent detrimental effects, and obstacles of the life. Recitation of Nav Graha Stotras, and veneration is combined prayers of nine planets and these may remove bad circumstances as well.

Shri Navgraha Stotram - श्री नवग्रह स्त्रोत्रम

Reading of Navagraha Stotra in proper pronunciation, will helps to remove bad outcomes of every planet.

Navagraha Karavlamb Strotra - नवग्रह करावलम्ब स्त्रोत्र

Surya Aaditya Hridaya Stotra - Surya Kavacham and Ashtkam

The Sun or Surya called the soul of the universe. God Surya considers the God in Hinduism. Sun is a source of energy and healing. Surya considers the avatar of God Vishnu. Surya called Ravi, Suraj, Bhashker, Suryanarayan, and Aaditya. The great temple of Lord Surya is Konarak Temple in Orissa.

The Sun and astrology - The Solar astrology based on the Sun. Sun gemstone is Ruby. This star influence willpower, body power, fame, eyes, heart, blood, and soul. Sun is owner of the sign Leo in the astrology.

The Suryanarayan Aarti, Aastkam, veneration and Surya Kavacham appease God Suryanarayan. Perusal of Surya Stotras may help to minimize the ill influence of the stars.

Surya Kavcham - सूर्य कवच

Surya Ashtkam - सूर्य अष्टकम

Surya Aditya Hridaya Stotra - आदित्य हृदय स्त्रोत्र

Aaditya Hridaya Stotra appeases him a lot. Recitation of Aaditya Hridya hymn keeps away enemies and diseases, and increases strong willpower.

Chandra Kavacham - Chandra Namavali Stotra - चन्द्र कवचम

The crescent or Chandra has the honor to be exist on the forehead of Lord Shiva. Chandra is known as Soma and Nishapati also. Chandra is a deity of the planet Moon. Reading of Chandra's Stotra and adoration may reduce mental harassment, sorrows and gives prosperity and happiness of the soul.

Lunar astrology based on the Moon. Chandra considered as an ascendant (Lagna) in a birth chart or horoscope. Moon associated with blood, mind, wealth, house and mother. Moon (Chandra) has the authority to rule on mind and feelings. Pearl (Moti) is the gemstone of Chandra Graha. Pearl should be worn in case of the Moon has low power or few degrees in a horoscope. The Moon is the lord of sign Cancer called Karka in Indian astrology.

Chandra Kavcham - चन्द्र कवचम

Chandra Ashtvishatinaam Stotra - चन्द्र अष्टविशतिनाम स्त्रोत्र

Brihaspati Stotra - Guru Graha Prayers - Brahaspati Kavcham

Brihaspati called the Guru of other divinities. Brihaspati called "Guru" aka teacher also. Brihaspati called the lord of Jupiter. This star represents knowledge, wisdom, and Satva Guna. Recitation of Kavach of Jupiter burns sins and sorrows.

Brahaspati in astrology - If Jupiter is not good and strong in a birth chart, the native may suffer from many problems like over-weight, liver problems, obstacles in the works, the disgrace in the family and society. Native should beseech to him to reduce these bad impacts. Guru is associated with Sapphire gemstone. He is called the master of Sagittarius and Pisces sign in the astrology.

Brihaspati Kavacham - ब्रहस्पति कवच

Brihaspati Kavcham prevents obstacles and sorrows.

Brihaspati Stotram - ब्रहस्पति स्त्रोत्र

Reading of Brahaspati Stotra in proper pronunciation and loudest voice may help to minimize the malefic force of the planet.

Mangal Kavacham - Rin Mochak Mangal Stotra

Mangal is a divinity of Mars, according to Indian astrology. The Mars is the marshal of deities according to Indian scriptures. Mangal Grah is God of courage, bravery, war, and anger. Worship by Mars prayers and Lord Hanuman adoration may keep away sorrows and burdens.

Astrology and Mars - Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosha in a birth chart due to Mangal's existence in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th houses. Mars is lord of the sign Aries and Scorpio. The Red coral gemstone is associated with Mars.

Rin Mochak Mangal Stotra - ऋण मोचक मंगल स्त्रोत्र

Rhin Mochan Mangal ode may reduce the possibilities of bad debts and losses.

Mangal Kavacham - मंगल कवचम

Recitation of Mangal Kavacham helps to destroy ill effects of Mangal Graha. The reading of this supplication removes obstacles and enemies from the life of the native.

Buddh Kavach - Buddh Namavali Stotra - बुध कवचम

Buddh is a deity of Mercury in Hinduism. He is called the son of Chandra Deva. Mercury called the owner of wisdom, recitation of prayers and armor of Mercury gives wisdom and intelligence.

Mercury and astrology - Budha influence communication, business, insurance company, banks, earning skills, knowledge, astrology, and wisdom. If Mercury is weak in a horoscope then native should read prayers, and if it is ascendant lord and not enough strong, then native should pray to him on a daily basis. Emerald (Panna) gemstone is associated with Mercury. Gemini zodiac and Virgo sign are related to Buddh.

Buddh Kavacham - बुध कवचम

Buddh Kavacham removes sins and sorrows and saves life from any type of fear.

Buddh Panchvishtinaam Stotra - बुध पञ्च विशति नाम स्त्रोत्रम

This veneration is the 25 names of Buddh, which called Buddh Namavali.

Venus Prayer - Shukra Stotra - शुक्र कवचम

Shukra is the divinity of Venus according to Vedic astrology. He called also Shukracharya, Bhargava, Daityaguru and Bhriguputra. Shukra is a God of knowledge, beauty, fame, wisdom, and prosperity. Shukra is considered the teacher of demons according to Hinduism.

Shukra and Astrology - Venus is lord of sign Taurus and Libra zodiac. If Venus is weak in a horoscope, it gives results like lack of fame, lack of beauty and wealth. And, if it's being ascendant lord in a birth chart, natives should perform veneration of Venus on a daily basis for the happy and luxury life. The Lucky gemstone of Shukra is the diamond which should be worn for the prosperity and beauty.

Shukra Kavcham - शुक्र कवचम

Shani Stotra and Shani Stavraj - शनैस्चर स्तवराज

Shani is a divinity of Saturn according to Hindu astrology. Shani called "Shaneshchar" (One who moves slowly), Suryaputra and Shani Deva. Yama (God of death) is his younger brother, and he is the son of Lord Surya Bhagwaan. Ways to please Shani are the recitations of Shaneshchara Stotra, Shani mantra and Aarti of Shani Deva.

Generally, Shani called a cruel planet, but it gives everything, more than other planets can give. He is very cruel for those who associated with bad works, sins and habits as Saturn is very lawful planet also and assigned for justice.

Astrology and Shani - Shani rules on sign Aquarius and Capricorn. In the astrology, Shani has influences on dark, cruel works, losses, job, diseases, legs, and 10th, 11th houses of the horoscope. Shani's gemstone is blue sapphire.

Shani Stotra - शनैस्चर स्त्रोत्र

Shanechar Stavraj - शनैस्चर स्तवराज

Raahu Stotra and Prayers - Rahu Kavacham

Raahu is a shadow planet and a Hindu deity, according to Hinduism. Raahu has a cutoff head of an immortal demon who had drunk the divine nectar after the churn the sea by Devas and Asuras. Raahu called Sadakrodhi (ever angry), Kaalroop (a form of death), and Danav Mantri (demon minister) also. Raahu Nagantha temple in Tamilnadu is a great temple, where the milk becomes blue after bathing the statue of Raahu.

Raahu and astrology connection - According to astrology, Raahu is a mysterious and cruel Graha and has the ability to turn circumstances in the mysterious ways. During Raahu transit (Dasha), he makes people unhealthy, narrow-minded, sad and non-religious. But, some of the natives, get majority of benefits from Raahu or Ketu. Here is an interesting article on Raahu's gemstone is Hessonite Garnet (Gomed).

Recitation of Raahu Stotra and mantra help to remove bad impression of Raahu. Worship of Lord Hanuman may reduce bad vigor of Rahu.

Raahu Kavacham - राहु कवच

Raahu Stotra - राहु स्त्रोत्र

Ketu Namavali - Ketu Kavacham Stotra

Ketu is another shadow planet and deity in Hinduism. Ketu has a body of the demon without a head. Actually, a demon with the head only called Raahu and with the body only, called Ketu. Ketu is a dark and cruel Graha like the Raahu.

Astrology related to Ketu - Ketu represents illusion, losses, diseases, heaven, spirituality, and son (according to Lal Kitab). One good position about Ketu is, if Ketu situated alone (the other planets should be not with) in an auspicious house in the horoscope, it gives auspicious results concerning that house. Cats eye (Lahsuniya) is the basic gemstone for Ketu.

Ketu Panchvishtinaam Stotra - केतु पंचविशतिनाम स्त्रोत्रम

Ketu Kavacham - केतु कवच

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the worship of planets gives positive results in astrology?

Stars are assigned to give results according our Karma. Worship or prayers can boost or slow down their cosmic energy. So, worship can give positive results.

Only Navgraha prayers can calm down all planets?

Yes, every planet is worshipped in one Navagraha Stotra, so it will be beneficial for positive results from all nine planets. But, if you want a specific result, Graha specific worship and prayers recommended.

Which planet or Graha should I worship with prayers, according to astrology?

If the planet is auspicious, but weak in the horoscope, worship to that planet, can boost the power of that star, thus beneficial for native. If the planet is inauspicious and strong, veneration can calm down its malefic force.

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