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Lakshmi Panchkam, Kanakdhara Stotra & Kavcham, Lakshmi Namavali & Suktam

Lakshmi likes chanting of Shri Sukt, Lakshmi Suktam, Kanakdhara Stotra, Lakshmi Panchkam, Ashtalakshmi prayer, Mahalakshmi Kavach, Laxmi Stav or Shri Stuti, Lakshmi Namavali and Mahalakshmi Aarti. Hymns of Lakshmi can make a person wealthy and rich.

How Lakshmi appeared to the world - According to Hinduism, Gods and demons churned the Kshirsagar (The Sea, where Lord Vishnu exists) for divine nectar. During the churning of the sea, she appeared from the ocean with the divine nectar. Here is an ancient story of hers.

What is the family of Lakshmi - God Vishnu called husband of hers. She is said to be the daughter of the sea Shirsagara. She has 18 sons such as Devasakha, Ananda, Kardama, Shriprada etc. Alakshmi is the elder sister of her who considers the Goddess of poverty and bad luck.

Kanakdharaa Stotra - Shri Suktam - Laxmi Suktam - Lakshmi Panchkam

Lakshmi and astrology relationship - She is associated with the planet Venus and Friday. Thus, if someone wants to get relief from bad placed Venus in a horoscope. One should worship her. Whenever she is happy with her enthusiast, she gives boon of the money and fame and it can be traced in the money astrology birth chart.

She is worshipped at a wide level in India. Mahalaxmi temple of Mumbai and Mahalakshmi temple of Kolhapur are world famous temples in the world. This shrine in the Kolhapur known as Shaktipeeth also.

Mata Mahalakshmi is the basic element of this universe according to Hindu mythology. She is the owner of wealth and prosperity of the world. She is called the soul of the world and Vishnu.

There are hundreds of prayers for the Goddess of wealth, some famous prayers like Lakshmi Panchkam and Suktam are recited early in the morning during worship of her. You can Listen the Lakshmi Suktam.

Lakshmi Panchkam - लक्ष्मी पंचकं

Laxmi Suktam - लक्ष्मी सूक्त

Shri Suktam - श्री सूक्तं

A pleasant and nice ode of Goddess Aadilakshmi called Shri Sukt. This prayer should be read on a daily basis, if the devotee wants the grace of her.

Kanakdharaa Stotra - कनकधारा स्त्रोत्र

What does Kanakdhara Stotra mean - Kanakdhara mean, gold stream or rain. Aadi Shankeracharya made this hymn in Sanskrit, then she appears in front of him, and makes a stream of gold. The conclusion is that all the deprivation of life is removed by Kanakadhara hymn.

Shree Lakshmi Prayer - Dhanlakshmi Stotra - Ashtalakshmi Stotra

Asht Lakshmi Stotra - अष्टलक्ष्मी स्त्रोत्र

In Hindu mythology, Shree is eight types of, which remove poverty and make a person wealthy. Recitation of Ashtalakshmi prayer with the devotion, destroy all obstacles, brings good luck and prosperity. Hindu scripture describes eight forms of Laxmi.

What is AshtLakshmi or eight forms of Laxmi?

  • Aadi Lakshmi - First form of Goddess
  • Dhana Laxmi - Goddess of wealth
  • Dhairya Laxmi - Devi of courage and bravery
  • Dhanya Laxmi - Deity of agricultural wealth
  • Gaja Lakshmi - Lord of animals and vehicles
  • Santan Laxmi - Goddess of children
  • Vijay Laxmi - Deity of success
  • Vidhya Lakshmi - Goddess of knowledge

Dhan Lakshmi Stotra - धनलक्ष्मी स्त्रोत्र

Lord Shiva made and asked this prayer to Parvati. This is a hymn of Devi Dhanda, which is very powerful to give money and wealth to venerator.

Narayani Stotra - श्री लक्ष्मी स्त्रोत्रम

Anyone who reads this Lakshmi ode on a daily basis, never gets any type of fear, danger. Prosperity and fame always remain with devotees.

Mahalakshmi Kavacham - Shree Stav - Lakshmi Stav

A chant (Shalok) in Durga Sapatsati describes the existence of her
या श्री स्वयं सुकृतिनाम भवनेषु, अलक्ष्मी पापत्म्नाम, कृतधियं ह्रदयषु बुद्दि,
श्रद्धा सतां, कुलजन प्रभवस्य लज्जा, तां तवाम नता स्म परिपालय देवी विश्वं"
It is meant, who exists in a form of wealth, for the people who associated with auspicious works. Who exists in a form of poverty, for the people who associated with sin or inauspicious deeds. Who exists in a form of wisdom, for the people who are innocent and humble. Who exists in a form of devotion, for the people associated with truth and loyalty. Who exists in a form of decency, for the people who are noble and gentle. We bow and worship that Goddess Devi Lakshmi, who rear the world.

Mahalakshmi Kavacham - महालक्ष्मी कवच

The prayer was asked by God Brahaspati to Indra, which is called Mahalakshmi Kavach. It brings fortune and safety.

Lakshmi Stav - लक्ष्मी स्तव

A nice ode called Lakshmi Stav, should be recited once a day for getting boon of Bhagwati.

Shree Stav - श्री स्तव

Sri Stav is recited to please Shree Devi.

Lakshmi Stotram - Lakshmi Ashtottarashat Namavali - Shri Stuti

Kamala Stotram - लक्ष्मी स्त्रोत्रम

This is another prayer called Kamala Stotra for her veneration.

Shri Lakshmi Ashtottarashat Namavali - श्री लक्ष्मी अष्टोतरशत नामावली

Mata Mahalakshmi is the basic principle of this world. Mahalakshmi is very kind and auspicious for the people. With the devotion, recitation of her names and prayers gives prosperity, fame, and wealth, and burns sorrows of the life. Goddess Narayani is known by Kamala, Parmeshwari, Shree, Mahalakshmi and many other thousands of names. The devotee should recite 108 names of Mata Mahalaxmi to please her.

What are the famous names of Lakshmi with meanings?

  • Mahalakshmi - Goddess of prosperity
  • Kamala - One who sits in lotus
  • Narayani - Wife of Lord Narayana
  • Padmavati - Residing on a lotus.
  • Shree - Auspicious
  • Vishnupriya - Beloved of Vishnu
  • Maya - Goddess of illusion
  • Padma - One who with lotus
  • Manorama - One who is beautiful
  • Lakshmi - Goddess of fortune

Shri Stuti - श्री स्तुति

A great hymn from the Vedas is Shree Stuti which is used during worship of Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time for the worship of Lakshmi?

Early in the morning or late night times are good for her worship. Although, the Dipavali night is the best time for Mahalakshmi Poojan. Best direction for worship is West, as this is direction of her. Here is the guide for how to do Lakshmi Pooja.

What is importance of Vishnu Pooja along with Lakshmi?

Vishnu is called husband of Goddess Narayani, the worship of him, appease Lakshmi. Ignoring the worship of Narayan along with Lakshmi Pooja, does not give fruitfull results.

What are remedies for getting grace of Lakshmi?

Scriptures described in the details of how to attract Lakshmi, such as keep sandalwood, peacock pair, Veena, mirror, honey, ghee and copper vessel in the home. Always recite Sri Suktam or Lakshmi Suktam, then prosperity always stays there.

The great secret for own fortune and pleasure of Lakshmi?

The scriptures show us a greatest short mantra, which Vishnu asked. If someone recites it on a daily basis, it can give all the good fortune. The chant is 'Rama Rame Manorame - रमा रमे मनोरमे.

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