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Shri Krishna Stotras and Namavali - Gopal Stuti and Madhur Ashtkam

The God of love, Krishna is a great God in Hinduism. He praised by Krishna Stotras, Gopal Stuti, 108 Namavali, Madhurashtkam, Gopal Hridaya, Krishnastavraj and a pleasant Kunjbhihari aarti. Recitation of hymns, ode and prayers of Shri Shyam keep away all sorrows, brings prosperity.

God Keshva is an incarnation of Lord Shri Vishnu. Krishna holds flute, conch and Sudarshn Chakra. Madhav is a God of love, devotion, and prosperity. Bhagavat Purana and Bhagavad Gita are great scriptures of the Hindu religion which belongs to him. The world famous temple of Lord Vasudeva in Jagannath Puri.

According to Devi Bhagwat, Krishna is an incarnation of Goddess Mata Mahakali. And, Radha is an avatar of God Shiva. Devi Mahakaali said in Devi Bhagwat, that "I will be born in a male incarnation called Krishna. I hold the "Sudharshan Chakra" and symbols of Lord Hari so that, universe knows me as an avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is interesting to know that, Devi Kaali and Shyam are associated with one Beej mantra - Klim.

Gopal Stuti - Shyam Namavali - Hridaya Stotra - Krishna Stavraj - Ashtottara Satnam

Gopal Stuti - गोपाल स्तुति

Actually, all deities of the Hindu religion are from one mighty power, which described as Prakarti also known as the nature. All divinities are "Braham-Shakti". Accept this fact, it is also considered that Govinda is an avatar of Lord Shri Vishnu among his tenth incarnations.

This is the great Stuti of Gopala for his devotees. It should be recited on the daily basis during worship. It is great to know some simple steps for Krishna worship.

Krishna Naamaavali - कृष्णा नामावली

The 12 names of Lord Shyam, which can be used for veneration. If you want to keep your baby name inspired by Lord Krishna, here is a list.

Madhurashtkam - मधुर अष्टकम

This is a very lovely and nice prayer of Govinda for ears. You can listen Madhurashtkam Song. Radha was his beloved, but he married with Devi Rukmini. According to an interesting and heartwarming story, when Radha grew old and wanted to meet Madhusudan before her end time, then he came to her, Radha expressed her desire to play the flute for the last time, then he played the flute and a little after a while, Radha lost the world. After that, Krishna broke his flute forever. So, they called true lover, according to Vaastu Shastra, placing a photo of both in the bedroom, remain good for love life.

Krishna Ashtottara Satnam Ode - कृष्ण अष्टोतरशत नाम स्त्रोत्र

The great prayer of 108 names of Krishna called Ashtottara Satnam Stotra, which is used during worship of him. Although, he has thousands of names in the scriptures, but here are some top ten names of Krishna with their meaning.

What the 10 famous names of Krishna?

  • Krishna - Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
  • Gopal - Shepherd
  • Shyam - One who with dark skin
  • Govinda - Cowherd
  • Keshva - One who has long hair
  • Madhav - Krishna other name
  • Shrinath - Lord of all
  • Jagannath - Lord of universe
  • Madhusudan - One who defeats demon Madhu
  • Hari - Avataar of Vishnu

Shri Krishna Stavraj - श्रीकृष्ण स्तवराज

The Krishnastavraj was told by God Shiva to Devi Parvati, in which Narad said the prayer to Madhav. This is great and powerful ode for his adoration. You can download lots of free ebooks of prayers for worship purpose.

Gopal Hridaya Stotra - गोपाल हृदय स्त्रोत्रम

Lord Shri Hari is the symbol of true love and friendship. He is very auspicious and kind for his devotees. This Gopal Hridaya prayer is very powerful to reduce bad Karma and getting grace from him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is God Krishna?

Kalika Puran claims that Krishna is incarnation of Mahakaali and Vishnu Puran claims, he is an avataar of Vishnu. It is generally assumed that he is the human embodiment of Vishnu, who took born as Krishna to destroy sinners.

Did Krishna really have 16000 queens?

Yes, he had 16000 queens, including Rukmani. But, in fact, these 16000 queens were sages who wished to accompany of God Rama, then he gave the boon of being queens of their next incarnation Krishna, so that they could serve the avatar of Vishnu.

Which Krishna prayer is more powerful?

He is hungry for love and devotion, thus the prayer "श्री कृष्ण शरणं मम" can be a powerful prayer in which devotee pray him to take him/her under his shelter.

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