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Kaali Prayers - Kali Kavach, MahaKali Satnaam, Kalika Kavcham, Kali Stotra

The Mahavidhya and Goddess Kali's veneration is performed by Kali Kavacham, 100 Kali Namavali Stotra, Trilokya Mohan Kaali Kavach, Kamkala Kali prayer and Kalika Aarti. Recitation of Goddess Kaali's prayers and Aarti with the deep devotion keep away from any danger or obstacle.

Kali means God of death, time and black + feminine power. According to Indian scripture, before creating the universe, only one element existed. That was Mahakali, in the form of black darkness or dark matter. She is the Kundalini energy (Shakti) of yoga. She is very cruel for demons and kind for her devotees. Adores do adoration with Mantras, here is 5 steps Kali Mantra Sadhna.

Kali Kavch - Trilokya Mohan Kavcham - 100 Kali Namavali - Kamkala Kali Stotra

Dakshineswar Ghat temple in Kolkata is the greatest temple of Mahakali. She is one of the Mahavidhya among ten Mahavidhyas. She is known as an incarnation of Mata Parvati also. She has many names in the Vedas, but she is known by these 10 popular names.

What are popular names of Goddess Kali?

  • Kaali - Feminine power of death
  • Kaalika - Another name of her
  • MahaKali - Another name of her
  • Chamunda - One who destroy demons Chanda Munda
  • Kaalratri - Goddess of Doomsday
  • Bhadrakali - Mild goddess
  • Shamshaan Kali - Goddess of necropolis
  • Kapala - Skull Holder
  • Karalvadna - Who has giant body
  • Kaalhara - Who can defeat the death

What are the names of 10 MahaVidya?

  • Kali - काली
  • Tara - तारा
  • Shodashi - षोडशी
  • Bhuvaneshvari - भुवनेश्वरी
  • Bhairavi - भैरवी
  • Chhinnamasta - छिन्नमस्ता
  • Dhumavati - धूमावती
  • Bagalamukhi - बगलामुखी
  • Matangi - मातंगी
  • Kamala - कमला

Kali Kavach - काली कवच

This Mahakali Kavacham asked by Goddess Parvati to God Bhairva. This armor used to save the life of a devotee.

Kaalika Kavcham - कालिका कवचम

The Bhadrakali Kavach prayer told by God Shiva to Parvati. This ode used to worship her. And, used for saving from any danger, fear and life loss.

Kali Satnaam Stotram - काली सतनाम स्त्रोत्रम

Goddess Mahakali has thousands of names. This Kali Namavali Stotra has 100 names of her, which is used for her veneration.

Trilokya Mohan Kavacham - त्रिलोक्य मोहन काली कवचम

According to the name of this prayer, it is used for various purposes. It is used for getting fame and name in the world. Trilokya Mohan Kavacham mean, fascinate the world.

Kamkala Kali Stotra - कामकला काली स्त्रोत्र

This great ode asked by God Mahakaal, in which he worships and praises Kali.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Goddess Kali?

She is the first Goddess among 10 Mahavidya. She came out from Goddess Parvati's body, when she was in extreme anger.

Why Kali sticking out her tongue?

When Kali was not calming after the slaughter of the demons, Shiva came and slept in front of her, then accidentally Kali put her foot on his chest, when she realized this, she astonished and bit out her tongue. She calmed down after this and her tongue remained out since.

Can everyone worship Kali?

Yes, everyone can worship her, but one should adoration with normal prayers and Aarti. Kali Sadhna should be performed under expert supervision only.

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