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Ganesha Sanskrit Prayers - Ganpati Stotra - Ganesh Stotram

Ganesha is a deity known as elephant God. The traditional veneration is done with Ganpati Vedic Stotras such as Atharvshirsha, Namavali, Kavcham, Ashtkam, Kshma Prarthna and Ganesh Aarti.

Ganpati has the honor to be worshipped at first in every adoration because he is the remover of all obstacles. Therefore Ganesh called Vighneshwara, mean God who removes obstacles.

According to astrology, God Ekdanta is the lord deity of the planet "Ketu". Recitation of Ganesha's prayers may remove the evil effects of nine planets and all other obstacles. Shri Ganpati has relevance with astrology, he has influence on the Ketu, Mercury planet and Wednesday.

Ganesh is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Gouriputra is a great God in Hinduism. Riddhi and Siddhi are wives of God Ganpati. He rides on a rat called "Mushakraj". To know more, here is a reference article. He called by various names.

What are famous names of lord Ganesha with meanings?

  • Ganpati - Lord of Ganas
  • Gajanana - One with elephant head
  • Lambodara - One with a big belly
  • Ekdanta - One who has one tooth
  • Vakratund - One with a curved trunk
  • Gajakarna - One with elephant ears
  • Vinayaka - Lord of all
  • Eshanputra - Son of Shiva
  • Deva - Supreme God
  • Gouriputra - Son of Parvati

Ganpati is considered the lord of wisdom and prosperity. His prayers are divine nectar for his devotees. The main powerful mantra of him is 'Om Gam Ganpatye Namha - ॐ गं गणपतये नंमः'. Before doing any worship, read the detailed article to know 7 ways for Ganesha Sadhna.

Ganesh Mangalacharan - Ganesha Namavali - Ganpati Dashakshar Stotras

Ganesh Mangalacharan Veneration - गणेश मंगलाचरण

Ganesha Mangalcharan is used for any obvious work. It should be read during the marriage, inauguration and Vaastu Pooja and even in any problem.

Ganesha Dawadash Naamvali Hymn - गणेश दवादशनाम स्त्रोत्र

This Ganpati Namavali has 12 names of Lord Ganeha. It is believed that reading of this prayer gives money, fame and wisdom. You can hear the prayer.

Ganpati Dash Akshar Prayer - गणपति दशाक्षर स्त्रोत्र

The prayer Ganapati Dashakshar has 10 lines of prayers. It is believed that the recitation of this prayer in the morning can fulfill life desires.

Ganesh Panch Ratnam Sanskrit Stotra - Lambodara Panch Amar Veneration

Gajanan Strotra - गजानन स्त्रोत्र

Lord Gajanana is worshipped by the great Gajanan Stotra. In this, Devotees bow to the Lord by chanting his many names in this prayer. This is another best prayer for him for peace and prosperity in life. All these prayers of him can be used for worship purpose.

Ganesh Panch Ratnam Sanskrit Stotram - गणेश पञ्च रत्नम स्त्रोत्र

The Panch Ratan Stotra is the other best prayer to recite, and it sounds very pleasant. It assumed this gives health and cure the illness, and recitation of this prayer gives benediction for the childbirth to the devotee. Listen the Song.

Ganesh Panch Amar Ode - गणेश पंचामर स्त्रोत्र

Panch Amar Stotra is a great prayer of Lord Ganesha. The recitation of these praises fulfills all wishes of the devotee. Prayer time for the recitation is in the morning and evening. According to "Mahatamya" of the ode, recitation of the invocation gives wisdom to the native.

Ganesh Mantra Stotra - गणेश मंत्र स्त्रोत्र

This Mahaganapati prayer called Mantra-Stotra, which is known as batch of mantras.

Vakratund Kavch - Haridra Ganesh and Ekakshar Ganpati Kavcham

Haridra Kavcham - हरिद्रा गणेश कवच

Kavcham means an armor, which protects from any problem and injury in life. There are many prayers of Kavcham in Hindu religion, Kavcham of the famous praises of Ganesha. Recitation of Kavcham protects wealth and health problems and gives all happiness in the life. Haridra Kavcham gives money, fame, and reduce evil effects of all the planets.

Vakratund Kavcham (armor) - वक्रतुंड गणेश कवच

It assumed that recitation on a daily basis of this Vakratund Kavcham, appeases the Lord, and native can gets the grace of him easily.

Ekakshar Ganpati Kavcham - एकाक्षर गणपति कवचम

Ganesha veneration is essential for starting any auspicious work. Ekdanta Gayatri mantra is "Om Ekdantaya Vidmahe Vakrtundayay Dheemahi Tanno Danti Prachodayat" - "ॐ एकदंताय विद्महे वक्रतुन्दयाय धीमहि तन्नो दंती प्रचोदयात"

Gajanan Stotra - Sankat Haran Ashtkam - Ganesha Ashtk

Gajanana Stotra - गजानन स्त्रोत्र

Eight verses in a prayer called the Ashtkam. An octet of Lord Gajanana removes poverty and all obstacles. These octets recitations pleased God Eshanputra. There are three famous octets of Ganesha. Ganesh Ashtkam, Ganeshashtkam, Sankatharan Ashtkam.

Ganesha Ashtk (Octet) - गणेश अष्टक प्रथम

Ganeshashtkam is made by the lord himself. "Mahatamya" of this ashtkam is that if this ashtk recited eight days provides "Siddhi", if recited for a month, it gives profit, wisdom, children and all happiness.

Ganesh Ashtkam (Octet) - गणेश अष्टक

A devotee should recitation of this ashtk on the great festival of "Ganesh Chathurti". This is the very famous prayer of the Almighty.

Sankat Haran Ashtkam - संकट हरण गणेश अष्टक

It assumed that the singing of the Sankat Haran Ashtkam removes problems from the life. Download these Ganesha mantras or Aarti which should be sung during worship of him, which sound very pleasant also.

MahaGanpati Stotra and Atharvshirsh - Apraadh Kshmapan Stotra

Ganpati Atharvshirsh - गणपति अथर्वशिर्ष

Ganesh Atharvashirsha is one of the greatest praise for his devotees. 108 recitation of Atharvashirsha removes all sorrows, gives prosperity and wealth to the native. Generally, people recite Atharvashirsha on Ganesh Chathurthi festival, but it can be read on a daily basis also. If someone faces many troubles in the life, Ganpati Atharvshirsh is very helpful to remove problems.

Mahaganpati Stotra - महागणपति स्त्रोत्र

The Maha Ganpati ode is another famous prayer for him. This invocation is known as the greatest Stotra of him.

Ganesh Apraadh Kshmapan Stotra - गणेश अपराध क्षमापन स्त्रोत्रम

Ganesh Apraadh Kshmapan should be read after any veneration of Lord Ganesha. Everyone should chant Apradh Kshmapan supplication in which native begs sorry to him for any mistake, and pray to him for accepting the veneration which was performed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is God Ganpati?

Lord Ganesha is the psyche son of Mata Parvati, who was born from her powers, and who has an elephant's head and a large belly, he is the giver of prosperity and knowledge. You can learn more by reading symbolism of Lord Ganesha.

Why Ganesha worshipped at first in each adoration?

Once, according to Shiva's order, a competition took place, in which the gods had to circled the world. Then, Ganesha circled Shiva and Parvati and said that my world is my parents. Shiva then granted him the boon of being the first deity of every worship.

Why Ganpati has an elephant head?

Once, Shiva, not recognizing Ganesha, cut off his head in battle, then on lamenting by Parvati, he ordered his servants to cut off the head of the first living creature who slept with the head facing north. Then, Ganas brought the head of an elephant, and Shiva revived him with the head of an elephant.

What is the connection between Ganesha and astrology?

Lord Gajanana considered lord of planet Ketu in Indian astrology. So, if Ketu has negative effects in a horoscope, Ganesha worship helps a lot. It removes malefic effects of Ketu from a birth chart.

Search more questions about Ganesha for more information.