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Top 10x4 Weird and Spiritual Powers and Skills

Here is the details of 10 astrology skills, top 10 divination techniques, 10 psychic powers and top ten supernatural powers, which can fascination to you. Do you know these top 40 weird powers can change our life. Get ready to know about the spiritual powers and how they work, There are hundreds of spiritual wisdom and arts all over the world which can attract people always.

Human always interested to know hidden things, want to learn strange and weird subjects. Many Persons have behavior to find out powers or future. This nature of humans born many spiritual and weird knowledge. Here is a list of forty wonderful and interesting list of psychic and spiritual attainment subjects.

Top 40 Supernatural Powers

Top weird knowledge - Supernatural powers - Spiritual wisdom - Supermundane knowledge

Astrology subject has practiced in all over the world with different techniques and methods. Purpose of astrology is discovering the future of a native and help to find out ways to arise destiny. Here is a list of most practiced astrology prophecy methods.

Top 10 Astrology Skills - Forms of Astrology Prophecy List


Astrology is formed to discover forecast about the person. The Prophecy based on planets, constellations, and zodiac sign in a horoscope. It has many branches and types. I am not going to tell about all branches, but I will try to write other astrological subjects which have totally different prophecy methods.

Nadi Astrology

Nadi astrology is awesome prophecy texts which written in Vatteluttu in Tamil Nadu. Nadi astrologer predicts the forecast by examining Nadi palm leaves. This astrology skill based on 150 Nadi, they say Nadi is the smallest time unit and they check exact time unit of birth and predict strange full forecast.

Horary Astrology

Horary astrology used to discover answers to the specific question, it's known as Prashna astrology in India. Astrologer makes a horoscope for the time in which question asked and understood, then predicted accordingly.

Indian Astrology

Parashara astrology, Braghu Samhita, Vedic astrology and many other Indian astrological prophecy subjects of India, running in the present. These are the huge wisdom of India. This is based on planet astrology, constellations and zodiac signs.

Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology just different from other astrological methods. This called Sheng Xiao which is based on animal signs and a 12 years cycle. The Lunar Chinese calendar is used for this forecast purpose.

Western Astrology

Western countries use some different rules to follow the western astrology, which is mainly based on planet Sun, so known as Sun sign prophecy also.


This is based on houses and planet positions in the horoscope. Each planet and zodiac represent some gemstones, and by wearing these specific gemstones, one can change own life journey and destiny. Gemology is a large subject of it, in which an astrologer suggests to wear or donate gemstones to native by studying horoscope.

Lal Kitab Reading

No one knows who wrote Lal book or Lal Kitab and when, but the interesting and innovative prophecy methods which are different from regular astrology. Lal Kitab has many methods to predict the future of anyone and has many remedies also which can change the destiny and life of the native.

Palmistry Prophecy

Palm reading is prophecy, which is based on palm and lines of the palm. Its called as Hast Jyotish or Chiromancy which is one of the types of astrology subject of India and practiced all over the world. Palmists study the hand for foretelling the character and future of a person. Various lines like heart line, mind line, and luck line and mounts are responsible for life roots and wings and a palm reader tries to find out this.

Face Reading

Just like palm reading, a face reader uses knowledge of face reading by studying the objective of a face. Facial lines and shape of a face, eyes and nose and birthmarks are important factors for a face reader. By examining different facial expressions and micro-expressions, a face reader described the personality traits of a person. This is an interesting article on how to read a face.

Divination abilities are methods to discover the answers of past, present, and future. Many divination techniques practiced in the world to do the forecast, here are a list of top famous prophecy and divination techniques.

Top 10 Divination List - Ten Forms of Prophecy List

Tarot Reading

Tarot is a divination and art of playing cards to predict the forecast. This psychic skill mainly performed in Europe. 78 cards with five suits are used for fortune telling with tarot. You can learn tarot divination.

Feng Shui

A divination genre of Chinese which is used to balance the flow of energy known as Chi supernatural power. An ancient art to balance energy for health and fortune. The basic elements are water and wind and Feng Shui experts use the symbol of these two elements like Bagua, aquariums, crystals, fountains, and colors.

I Ching Divination

The old prophecy oracle of China, which meant to well of water. I Ching Oracle uses 64 hexagrams, piles of six broken or solid lines. This divination oracle used to prophecy by tossing two or three coins, then I Ching expert read the book of changes and makes the psychic forecast.

Crystal Ball Gazing

A crystal ball is used to enhance inner clairvoyant powers and then used for to see the clues for past, present, and future, a famous divination technique in Europe countries. This is similar to the Indian occult term "Tratak" which can be called crystal ball gazing in the modern world.

Parrot Fortune Telling

A parrot bird in a cage, use own clairvoyant powers to make predictions about a native upon receiving an order from parrot astrologer. This is a famous divination technique in South India and people believe it. When an astrologer orders the bird to find out a card about the forecast of a person, astrologer parrot does it. This can be called a form of prophecy.

Numerology Prophecy

Numerology divination is based on numbers or date of birth, mainly. This is interesting prophecy knowledge to see the powers of numbers, numerologist make the predictions of a person through name or birth date. Destiny and personality analysis and important events of life can be predicted through numerology. Radical number and life path number are the main term in it. Chaldean numerology, Jumaani numerology, Biblical numerology, Chinese numerology and Kero numerology are some branches of it.

Dowsing Prophecy

Another divination knowledge to discover hidden water, gems, oil or treasure by dowsing rod or witching rod or with a forked stick. These German divination techniques considered as pseudoscience and spiritual power. Another dowsing art is used by a small dome object to find out answers in yes or no, called pendulum reading. Pendulum dowsing used to discover missing or hidden things and future forecast.

Runes Reading

Runes Reading is paranormal or metaphysical divination technique and knowledge in which ancient alphabet used for foretelling the future. The different kind of Rune stones are cast on a mat to predict the future or any problems. Runes are used for the spell purpose also.

Divination Dice

The Dice with specially marked with letters and numbers are used for fortune telling by cast on a mat or earth. A coin and three dice used for. After casting the divination dice, the numbers are calculated by prophecy expert and do fortune telling.

Biorhythm Divination

A person does influence through rhythmic biological cycles and physical, intellectual or emotional cycles. This is a Maths calculation of days since birth and makes a biorhythm chart to describe the biorhythm of current day or future by which biorhythm reader predict prophecy and this one called biorhythm divination.

Here is a list of ten psychic skills which are related to inner clairvoyant powers and conscious and subconscious mind. People use it to improve their psychic abilities and inner insights. These psychic abilities refer to spiritual healing and powers.

Top 10 Psychic Abilities - Top 10 Psychic Powers


The oldest psychic ability and wisdom of human age for know to inner clairvoyant powers and enhance them. It is used for peace, for enhancing psychic abilities like confidence, memory etc. Indian sages discovered many ways to do meditation. Lord Shiva called the founder of meditation in Indian scriptures. The Scriptures say there are 108 types of meditation, and the one of the best meditation called Vipasaana.


Yoga is Indian ancient physical exercise skill which used for healthy body and mind. Yoga listed here as a spiritual art because it refers meditation, Mudra and Pranayaam skills. It is related to Indian deities also. Download a free E-Book of Yoga Sri Swami Sivananda which is authored and copyrighted by him.


Pranayaam means Pranik or soul healing dimension. This psychic ability is related to art of breathing. People use pranayaam for long and healthy life and for enhancing inner spiritual and psychic powers.

Kundalini Jagran

Kundalini Jagran is deeply related to Pranayaam, yoga and meditation. Vedic psychic power to arise supernatural powers and spiritual knowledge. Seven root circle (Chakra) are the destinations of spiritual snake called Kundalini. Practice of Kundali Jagran is dangerous without guidance of an expert.

Tratak Vidya

A gazing to any object like glass, fire or any object without any wink called Tratak Vidya. This psychic knowledge is used for enhancing supernatural powers and looking into third dimensions and future. Although, science says it is harmful to see any object without a wink. The Tratak term is often used in Yoga, Pranayam and meditation subjects.


Reiki is a weird super power of giving the impression through universe energy. This Japanese psychic technique used for stress reduction and relaxation and make a person healthy by enhancing psychic abilities. Life force energy flows through laying hands is technique of Reiki. This is known as spiritual guided life force energy.


The one spiritual science which is proven by modern science. The hypnotism is the great psychic ability of command, cast faith full impressions on others. When a subject hypnotized, he/she do whatever hypnotist ordered. Today, doctors and detectives use this psychic skill for their purposes. This is a self healing tool also, which can be called self hypnotism. It lets you from the conscious mind to the subconscious or unconscious mind and make you heightened focus and concentration on a particular thought.


Telepathy is a most supernatural power in which one can send messages to any other person who stay miles away. This is psychic abilities of mind to mind communication. Indeed, this needs a lot of practice and psychic powers, which can arise through meditation. This psychic wisdom taking in two manners, one is distance feeling and other distance word communications. It is really beyond the time psychic power, which needs some techniques to learn telepathy.

Color Therapy

Colors are important part of the world and its have greatly impact the lives. Color therapy is skill in balancing the colors in life, body and surroundings. Healthy life and peaceful mind are goal of this therapy. This is, indeed psychic healing with colors.

Pyramid Knowledge

Pyramid science in term of the supernatural, it reveals the new age of spiritualism. This is based on ancient technology of Egypt pyramid. Pyramid receives the highest cosmic energy from the space and collect it inside. Pyramid is the weird power place for meditation, anyone who tries to meditate in this, feels the high energy flow and deep insight. Today, these are used in Vaastu pyramids and for the spiritual health and better Vastu.

Do you know about supernatural powers and how they work, There are hundreds of spiritual powers and arts all over the world which always attract people.

Top 10 Weird Knowledge - Top Ten Supernatural Powers

Swara Shastra

Swarodaya is awesome weird knowledge which followed by Lord Shiva. Anyone can predict prophecy about past, present, and future by learning this spiritual power. This is a true art of breathing. It is based on three swara Ida, Pingla and Susumna and five elements. Performer examines own swara and the five elements and predict everything.

Vaastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra can be said Indian Feng Shui to balance energy flow in a house or business place to gain maximum best results. Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architecture spiritual knowledge of homes and buildings. Indians worship a deity called Vaastu Deva for the better result in any Vaastu.

Shakun Shastra

Old Indian folks and some spiritual scriptures tell a weird genre which called Shakun Shastra. Indians usually check the symptoms and prognostication before doing any auspicious work, by this, they ensure themselves that work will be finished with success or not. Shakun Shastra based on many things, like animal behavior, other person's behavior and many other objects.

Surya Vighyan

Surya Vighyan is a hidden knowledge and weird powers of Vedas which need to be examined for the real truth. This is completely based on the Sun rays and Sun planet. Indian sages discover the secret of the Sun planet called Surya Vighyan in which they claim the weird techniques for changing any element to another element using Sun rays through the specific glass. For example, they claim, in a specific daytime, with a specific glass and some technique with Sun rays, they could change iron into gold.

Dream Interpretation

Every person is curious to know the meaning of dreams. Dream interpretation is a supernatural knowledge to judge the meaning of dreams. Analyzing of dreams in every country is different, but Indian dream interpretation is totally weird art. Indian dream interpretation knowledge can tell you which dreams are real or not, how they impact your life in the near future and when; how can you protect yourself after bad dream analysis. This is a huge subject between the unconscious mind and events.

Aura Reading

Aura Reading is a spiritual power in which aura reader tries to read the aura of a person and suggest to balance the aura for a better healthy life and psychic abilities. Seven colors in a body and soul are objective things in aura reading. An aura healer can heal the aura to balance it. It is believed that any disease or future event first comes into the aura and then happen next.

Tantra Knowledge

Tantra is an occult term in the ancient Indian occult. Tantra is combinations of occult things, symbols, and chant. For the various purposes, it is used for. Old Hindu scripture written by Demon Ravana is "Ravan Samhita" is a book of weird knowledge of Tantra Vidhya.

Mantra Knowledge

A Mantra is known as a chant or spell also. Indeed, this is prayers of any deity in which native prays to him/her to fulfill own desire or wishes. Mantras are the form of specific words which have some type of vibrations and works like Gama rays, as science proves that energy and word never die, every energy can transform into other energy but never die.

Yantra Knowledge

Yantra spell is ancient knowledge of India. Yantras are symbols or specific pictures which represent deities or energy. People worship Yantras as deities and use to get social desires like prosperity and wealth and enhance their spiritual and supernatural powers. The Swastika is a symbol also and it has a lot of vibration power in it.

Shabar Mantra

Shabar Mantras are not from any Vedic literature, but it comes from local Indian folks. These are incantations or spell by which Mantrik try to solve the purpose. Generally, a Shabar mantra gives swear to the deity to fulfill the desired work. A devotee has tenacity like a child before the deity and prays to the God in a Shabar mantra.