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Astrology Views on Doomsday - Judgment Day Facts and Prediction

Astrology Doomsday calculation and prediction

The Human being always eager to know about judgment day or last day of the universe. There is already a list of dates predicted for apocalyptic events, but no one can forecast truly about this, only there are anticipates. Here are astrology views on doomsday, religious text about judgement day facts and prediction which can describe when the world will end.

Indian astrology and scriptures had been said about the Doomsday thousand years ago. Indian scriptures say, still, we have millions of years to the end of the world. According to Markendaya Puran, our universe has an age or lifespan, which can be called Manvantr, when a Manvantr spends its time, the Earth's destruction happens. And the destruction of whole space will happen after completion of Lord Brahma's age. Read about the reckoning of the last day and Doomsday forecast. Although there is none of any scientific reason to calculate the last day of Earth, this is totally subject of anticipate through other sources. Calculate phenomenon Doomsday based on Vedic Maths.

Judgment day Predictions - Astrological forecast on when world will end

Doomsday Time Calculation - Reckoning of last day

  • Destruction of the earth = on completion of 1 manvantara
  • 1 Manvantar = 71 Mahayuga or 284 Chaturyuga
  • 1 Chaturyug = 4 Yuga (Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwapara Yuga, Kaliyuga)
  • Age of Satyuga = 1728000 years
  • Age of Tretayuga = 1296000 years
  • Age of Dwapar Yuga = 864000 years
  • Age of Kali Yuga = 432000 years
  • So far spent manvantra = 6 manvantara
  • Total age of current universe = 4,32,00,00,000 years
  • So far spent years of present Kali Yuga = 5120
  • Total elapsed years of current creation = 1,97,29,49,120 years
  • Remaining Year of the Apocalypse = 2,34,70,50,077

Now the Kaliyug of 28th Cturyug is running. So, thousands of life span, still remain for completing the Manvantar, therefore, the destruction of the Earth may be not happening in near future.

Doomsday of the universe will happen after completion of the lifespan of Lord Brahma (100 divine years).

Time calculation of Lord Brahma's age - Universe (whole space) time calculation

  • One day of Brahma = 1000 Mahayuga or Chaturyuga
  • One night of Brahma = 1000 Mahayuga or Chaturyuga
  • 1 year of Brahma = 1000 divine years of deities (Deity’s one day/one night = 6 months of days / 6 months of nights of human years)
  • One year of Brahma = 720000 Mahayuga (One Mahayuga = 4 Yuga) or 2880000 Yuga or
  • One year of Brahma = 3110400000000 human years
  • Universe age = Lifespan of Brahma (100 celestial years)

Now in the present, the afternoon of the first day of Lord Brahma is running, so the judgment day of the whole universe takes billions of years. And, the end of our world not coming soon.

Religious references on Doomsday

Lord Mahaveer Swami had said in Aagam Shastra that "In the future, many people predicted the destruction of Earth, but when the last day will come, nobody will predict the judgment day". You can read how many people did forecast about the end of the Earth, but none prediction went true or will go true, in our opinion.

Now the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu "Kalki" is yet to come will pave the way for religion in the world that will make the world peaceful. This is also described in the Jain scriptures and Hindu scriptures. He will start a war against injustice and make a new world, it means he will not make the last day but he will start a new era.

According to Nostradamus, a world war will happen at the end of 21 century. The man who will lead this world war will from an eastern nation which surrounded by water on three sides. And this is the pointing to the Kalki Avatar. In the present 20th century is running and yet 186 years remaining to end of the 21st century. The conclusion is "Kalki" avatar will be coming for the rising of religion, not for Doomsday.