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What is a Mantra, how the spell works or how to chant Mantra?

What is a mantra or a spell: Mantra is the form of specific words or phrases with the combinations of Beeja, which relate to the specific deity.

How does a spell work? If you heard about the law of attraction, you can better understand how the spell works. These spells or words are the source of cosmic power and react as vibrations in the universe and in the spirit. You should need to know the meaning of the chant so that, through your manifesting power, you can condense and do the work for which you are chanting.

How to do Mantra Jaap or how to chant Mantra? Use a spell carefully, with the devotion and correct pronunciation, read the step-by-step guide for how to do practicing chanting. This guide shows you 11 steps for chanting, how to chant a spell that manifests exactly what you want. You can learn more from Wikipedia.

11 necessary steps for mantra Jaap of Hindu God or Goddess

  • Have the faith: Without the faith and dedication of deity and incantation, success remains suspicious. Homage and faith is the first condition for chanting.
  • Choose a place: For chanting a spell, the best places for the recitation of mantras are the worship room of home or temples, river beaches, and pilgrimages. Always use the same place for regular chanting.
  • Determine the time: Decide a certain and fixed time for chanting. Use the same time in the daily routine. The morning time is recommended.
  • Keep a correct direction: For determining the direction, keep your face towards South for Rodra deity (like Hanuman and Kaali) and keep face towards East for Somya deity (like Durga, Vishnu or Gayatri). Keep your face towards North for chanting of Ganesha and towards West for Lakshmi spells.
  • Sanctity and clothes: Before chanting devotees should take a bath for purification and sanctity. Wear clean and deity specific clothes for the purpose.
  • Use a worship Mat: Pooja Aasan should be used for sitting purpose. Different types of mats are used for chanting, if specific asana is not available then use woolen mat.
  • Take a resolution: Take an oath aka Sanklp for doing the chanting, otherwise the holy results or sacrosanct of chanting will be gone to the Lord Indra and mother Earth. Chanting of Vedic or Tantric mantras or donations are meaningless without taking the resolution.
  • Do the meditation and worship: Focus and meditate on Lord Ganesha before chanting any spell, and after this, meditate on your Guru (Spiritual teacher), if there is no such a spiritual teacher, meditate on Lord Shiva. Perform a worship for whom you are chanting.
  • Keep track of the frequency: Chanting the Vedic or Tantric spells should be in a fixed number on a daily basis. The devotee can increase the frequency of chanting, but should not be decrementing.
  • Chanting mantra with a rosary: Now, chant sincerely and calmly with a chaplet. If you are not sure about the selection of rosary, you can use Rudraksha rosary for any chant.
  • Devote: After completion of chanting, take again a resolution for sacrificing the recitation of mantra to the related deity and bow down to touch the Earth.

मंत्र जाप के सामान्य नियम

मंत्र जाप से पूर्व स्नान करके शुद्धिकरण अवश्य करे. घर का पूजा स्थल, मंदिर, देवालय, नदी तट, तीर्थ स्थल सर्वोतम स्थान कहे गये है. मंत्र जाप का एक निश्चित समय और निश्चित स्थान रखे. मंत्र जाप में बिना आस्था और बिना समर्पण भाव से करने पर सफलता संदिग्ध रहती है. नित्य मंत्र जाप, निश्चित संख्या में करना चाइये. मंत्र जाप आसन पर बैठकर करना चाइये.

दिशा निर्धारण हेतु रोद्र देवताओं (जैसे हनुमानजी, काली) हेतु दक्षिण दिशा की और मुख करे और सोम्य देवताओं (शिव, दुर्गा, विष्णु, गायत्री आदि) हेतु पूर्व दिशा की और मुख करे. गणेशजी के लिए उत्तरमुखी और लक्ष्मी हेतु पश्चिममुखी जाप करे. जाप से पूर्व गणेशजी का ध्यान करके, अपने गुरु का ध्यान (गुरु न धारण किया हो महादेव का ध्यान) करना चाइये.

मंत्र जाप से पूर्व सकाम या निष्काम संकल्प अवश्य लेना चाइये अन्यथा बिना संकल्प के जाप का पुण्य भगवान इन्द्र और धरती माता को जाता है. बिना संकल्प का जाप और दान व्यर्थ जाता है. नित्य मंत्र जाप के उपरांन्त, हाथ में जल लेकर, मंत्र जाप को मंत्र के देवता विशेष को समर्पित करना चाइये, और फिर आसन के नीचे धरती माता को छूकर प्रणाम करना चाइये.