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What is a mantra or spell and how it works?

How the Mantra works - Mantra is the form of specific words or phrases with the combinations of Beeja which are related to the specific deity. These Beeja or words are the source of cosmic power and react as vibrations in the universe and in the spirit. Word element is the beginning element, and this is the "Braham", and its other form is the universe and the whole matter. The Bible says "In the beginning, there was the Word, and the Word was with the God, and the Word was the God".

The "Om" considers first world element in Hindu literature. Pronunciation power works in four ways, three ways are hidden and one is open, called "Bakhri" (speak). Other three called "Para", "Pasyanti" and "Madyma". Vedic Mantra or spell pronunciation done by "Bakhri" and other three hidden powers work with the wave base. Word element is finally the power of matter, and its other form is the world and things.

How to use mantra or how to say a mantra - Use a spell carefully, with the devotion and correct pronunciation, read the general rules for chanting any Sanskrit ancient spell below.

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Vedic Powerful Sanskrit Mantras - Tantrik Mantra

Read general rules for mantra tantra sadhna and know how to do mantra jaap.

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Before chanting devotee should take a bath for purification. For chanting spell, the best places for the recitation of mantras are worship room of home or temples, river beaches, and pilgrimages. Decide a certain time and place for chanting the spell. Without the faith and dedication of God and incantation, success remains suspicious. Chanting the Vedic or Tantrik mantra should be in certain number on a daily basis. Pedestal should be used for chanting the spell.
For determining the direction, keep your face towards South for Rodra deity (like Hanuman and Kaali) and keep face towards East for Somya deity (like Durga, Vishnu or Gayatri). Keep your face towards North for chanting of Ganesha spells and towards West for Lakshmi spells. Focus and meditate on Lord Ganesha before chanting any spell, and after this, meditate of own Guru (Spiritual teacher), if there is no such a spiritual teacher, meditate of Lord Shiva.
After these, you must have a resolution (Sankalp), otherwise the holy results or sacrosanct of chanting will be gone to the Lord Indra and mother Earth. Chanting of Vedic or Tantrik mantras or donations are meaningless without taking the resolution. After completion of chanting, take again a resolution for sacrificing the recitation of mantra to the related deity and bow down to touch the Earth.

मंत्र जाप के सामान्य नियम

मंत्र जाप से पूर्व स्नान करके शुद्धिकरण अवश्य करे. घर का पूजा स्थल, मंदिर, देवालय, नदी तट, तीर्थ स्थल सर्वोतम स्थान कहे गये है. मंत्र जाप का एक निश्चित समय और निश्चित स्थान रखे. मंत्र जाप में बिना आस्था और बिना समर्पण भाव से करने पर सफलता संदिग्ध रहती है. नित्य मंत्र जाप, निश्चित संख्या में करना चाइये. मंत्र जाप आसन पर बैठकर करना चाइये.
दिशा निर्धारण हेतु रोद्र देवताओं (जैसे हनुमानजी, काली) हेतु दक्षिण दिशा की और मुख करे और सोम्य देवताओं (शिव, दुर्गा, विष्णु, गायत्री आदि) हेतु पूर्व दिशा की और मुख करे. गणेशजी के लिए उत्तरमुखी और लक्ष्मी हेतु पश्चिममुखी जाप करे. जाप से पूर्व गणेशजी का ध्यान करके, अपने गुरु का ध्यान (गुरु न धारण किया हो महादेव का ध्यान) करना चाइये.
मंत्र जाप से पूर्व सकाम या निष्काम संकल्प अवश्य लेना चाइये अन्यथा बिना संकल्प के जाप का पुण्य भगवान इन्द्र और धरती माता को जाता है. बिना संकल्प का जाप और दान व्यर्थ जाता है. नित्य मंत्र जाप के उपरांन्त, हाथ में जल लेकर, मंत्र जाप को मंत्र के देवता विशेष को समर्पित करना चाइये, और फिर आसन के नीचे धरती माता को छूकर प्रणाम करना चाइये.

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