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Online Dream Meaning Software - Dream is a mental state that one sees while sleeping, which is a sign of events occurring in the physical and microcosmic events, but for a common person, it is difficult to understand the meaning of fantasy. Dreams are also considered as imaginary and hallucination, this is also true, because it is not necessarily that every fantasy has a meaning. Now the question arises, how to know which dream has meaning and which is worthless. We will explain it further.

Search What Your Dream Means - Here, you can use dream meaning software to search the meaning of your fantasy. You can search 1000+ dream interpretation in English only. This online dream search engine suggests you a drop down list as you type, and you have to select one desired dream or fantasy symbol to know definition.

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Online dream analysis tool - Dreams symbol meaning

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How to search 1000+ dream interpretation with dream analyzer:

Generally, a fantasy has many symbols but you should give importance to one main object only like, suppose you saw a nightmare of fight with someone, so here, the main object is fight not the person. Although, the dream calculator pickup the word what you write in search input and suggests you all dreams related to fight. Now, you have to pick up your right symbol and search dream meaning instantly. Here you can search the significance of more than 1000 dreams, if you want to search dream in Hindi, then go to Dream search calculator in Hindi, or go to Dream Dictionary for the A-Z alphabets.

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Does Dream nonsensical or meaningful?

The dream that comes in deep sleep, or during the sound physical and mental condition, the dream which occur in late night, the fantasy comes up to the sunrise, and the fantasy which occur due to the grace of Almighty God has importance and often does works. If someone is suffers from disease, then dream remains as hallucination and can not gives results. The dreams which come due to tension or deep desire, can give outcome and can not work also. Day-Dreams are often unimportant. But, at any time, the reverie of God, Goddess, Deity or Guru are always gives the outcome.

When a dream has dominance and becomes true?

According to mythology, once open a time, Sage Manu asked to God Matsya which is incarnation of Vishnu about when a dream gives result. The lord Matsya said that the dreams seen in the first screen (Almost 3 hours) of the night give results in one year, in the second screen, its give outcome within 6 months and the dreams seen in the third part of night give outgrowth within 3 months. And, dreams seen in fourth part of night proceed results within 1 month to 10 days.

What to do after watching dreams or nightmare?

If a person has been saw an auspicious event, then one should not sleep again, and should pray to the God in the rest of night. This will gives fruitful result. One can say the auspicious dream to own Guru, mother or Brahmin. If a person has been saw an inauspicious nightmare, then one should sleep again to reduce the evil and bad effects of incubus. And, in the morning, one should says the all nightmare to own mother or Guru, or in the ear of a cow. The dreamer can says nightmare to holy basil plant or another person for reduce the bad authority of the incubus. The dreamer should recites "Gajendra Moksh Path" or perform a worship and "Rudra Abhishek" for Lord Shiva for removing bad influence of such dream.

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