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Do you have some burning question in your life and want any astrology answer with the help of our astrologer. Are you suffering business, job or health problems, want to ask about your love life or life partner, or have the question about planet transit effect. If you feel this question are burning one in your life, then we are glad to help you through Indian astrology prediction for your horoscope question.

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Ask any predefined question through the application form and submit it to horoscope oracle, we will analyze your birth chart or Janam Kundali manually, and send horoscope reading to your email address within 10-15 days. Not a computer generated horoscope prediction, it will be prepared manually. Birth chart based on accurate birth date, accurate birth time and birth city, If you do not know your accurate birth details, then predictions may very different from reality. You are allowed to ask for one request for this service as per day. Some predefined questions are:

Whenever can I get own house or property?
I have health problem when I will get well?
Which dasha or transit I have right now?
From which disease I should aware of?
Which business will be good for me?
Why am I facing debts and losses?
When will my financial crisis over?
Which gemstone is good for me?
Why my career not running well?
How will be my married life ?
What about my life partner?
When will we have a child?
What about my luck factor?
What about my children?
When will I get married?
When will I get the job?
Can I go abroad?

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