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Free astrology widgets for your website. Just embed the code into your website.
Read terms of use carefully. These widgets are free forever.

Free Astrology Widgets For Websites - astrology widget code - horoscope tools

Free astrology widget for website and astrology scripts

Fortune teller - widgets for ask the astrologer or ask the parrot
Fortune Teller Widgets

Numerology - script for lucky numbers, days, colors, gems
Numerology Widget

Zodiac sign compatibility - widget for check astrology compatibility
Zodiac Compatibility Widget

Ascendant - widget for ascendant forecast
Ascendant Widget

Zodiac predictor - widget for know lucky things
Zodiac Luck Generator

Random mantra - widgets for randomly spell tip
Random Mantra Widgets

Mantra book - widget for mantra in e-book
Spell Book Widgets

Other mantra widgets - Various mantra tools
Various Mantra Tools

Vaastu - widgets for different tips of Vaastu
Vaastu Tip Widgets

Quote - widgets for famous quotes
Quotes Widgets

Day and Night Panchangam - Yatra Panchangam - widget for know mahurat of Journey
Panchangam Tool

Tutorial video to know how to embed widget code

What is astrology widget
Astrology widget is java script code, we use js files for our astrology widgets.

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