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Hidden Passion Number: Name Energy Intensification Numbers

What does your Hidden Passion say about you?
Whenever, the numbers that repeat two or more times in a name, the energy of that particular number becomes intense. These numerals are called intense energy numbers, known as hidden passion numbers also. And, some special set of numbers known as Angel number too; you should read 333 Angel number meaning. The repetition of a number increases the energy intensity, which can be either good or bad. All this makes deep influences during life. If you look at the flip side of the coin, the numbers are not present in a name called Karmic Lesson numbers.

For example, if a digit appears twice in a name, then its power is doubled, when a treble occurs the power is counted thrice times. Although, the main core number such as the Destiny, Life Path can still be more powerful than these repeating numbers. So, if the energy intensity of a number becomes more powerful, then it has its vital influences and meaning, which can change the overall meaning of the name. Here, you can find the number's energy intensification predictions with this Hidden Passion Numerology tool.

Hidden Passion Numerology

Name Intense Energy Number Calculator - Hidden Passion Numbers

Intense Energy Number Numerology

Hidden Passion Number Influences

As you know, each letter represents a single digit and each number has its own energy and vibration. However, the Hidden Passion number has more energy and influences. The quality of the behavior and passion is based on the power of the passion numbers. Remember, a repetitive number has more power than a non-repetitive digit.

If the number is powerful and its meaning is positive, then it has mighty and good influences, otherwise, it has lesser good qualities. However, other numbers with lower power also give good or bad results, according to their behavior traits and strength. As often as a number is repeated, its meaning changes each time. The same method is adopted in Lo Shu Grid numerology also.

Are all hidden passion numbers equally powerful?

It is not necessary that all the intense energy numbers have the same strength. The numeral with the most repetition has the highest energy. One or more numbers can be the same in strength, if they repeat equally. Besides, when a passion number is negative, but powerful too, it means that the negative (bad) power of that number is more. Same, if the intense energy number is positive, but force-less, it means the positive number's good power is less.

Can Hidden Passion numbers be too many?

Yes. The energy of a repetition number is considered more than a non-repeating number. Therefore, any digit, which is repeated more than once, should be taken. According to the level of intensity of energy and good or bad traits, it affects the profession and personal life.

What can be inferred from the intense energy or hidden passion number?

Since the high-energy numbers have more authority than the one-time occurring numbers. Those passionate numbers can more accurately gauge the behavior, skills and talents; in which areas of life, we feel empty inside. Moreover, in which ones, we can be successful. By knowing the hidden passion, we can strengthen the foundation of life. Besides this, hidden passion can be used to search for the most compatible career also.

Is it right to choose a profession according to hidden passion number?

It can be. The intense energy numbers reveal the potentials of the hidden hobbies and talents. Maybe, you do not have passion towards those tasks, but the hobby keeps on changing with time. Like, you were fond of sports in childhood, then in youth, it became towards computers. And, it is known to all, that any profession becomes more interesting and acceptable, if you are passionate towards it.

Any suitable profession can be known by comparing similar qualities of the most positive and powerful hidden passion and life path number. For example, if the life path is 1 (Sun - Administrative) and passion number is 9 (Mars - Valor, Courage), then one can go to the administrative service of the police or army. And if the life path is (Sun - Administrative) and passion number is 8 (Saturn - Justice, Job), then the person can be a judge or lawyer or can get a job in administrative services. Or else, that person can also have a small level job like a peon, if his passion number is in negative form, but also is powerful.

Which name should be used for intense energy numbers?

Since, the first name is used in personal relationships and the full name is used in professional or legal form. Therefore, you should check your first name and full name separately without suffix. As a career prospect, the complete name should be used for the Hidden Passion numbers.