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Cornerstone & Capstone Numerology: First & Last Letter of A Name

The first and last letters of a name in numerology have their own significance Charisma. The Cornerstone letter is the first alphabet of a name and the Capstone is the last letter. The Cornerstone represents aptitude and attitude and the Capstone shows attitude towards the completion of a task. The results of a cornerstone alphabet and a capstone alphabet may contradict each other, resulting in a reduction in the merits and demerits of both.

Cornerstone & Capstone Calculator: In numerology, every letter has a number and vibration effect, according to which, it can be said that how a person will behave, what will be the state of mind, what will be the likes and dislikes, what will be the attitude or ability towards accomplishing a task?

Cornerstone & Capstone Numerology

Cornerstone & Capstone Numerology Calculator

Cornerstone and Capstone Number in Numerology

Does the first letter of the name affect your personality and life? In the same way, does the last letter of the name also affect your lifestyle? The answer lies in numerology and astrology.

By the way, in Indian astrology the zodiac is determined by the first letter of the name and according to that, the predictions can be made. However, from a different way in numerology, the predictions can be told through the Cornerstone and Capstone letters of a name.

Meaning of Cornerstone and Capstone letters of name

Below is the meaning of every first or last alphabet of a name. By the way, you can use Cornerstone and Capstone numerology calculator.

A - Leader, determined, enterprising, courageous

B - Sensitive, loving, caring, greedy

C - Motivator, highly optimistic, creative, talented, loyal, vengeful

D - Disciplined, hardworking, born leader, stubborn

E - Compassionate, imaginative, intellectual, gentle, unreliable, flirtatious

F - Short-tempered, caring, loving, loyal, honest, family-oriented, romantic, vengeful

G - Inventive, perfectionist, highly active, instinctive, intelligent

H - Nature lover, hygienic, practical, extremely ambitious, patient, sensitive, possessive

I - Pure, kind, dependable, deep thinker, technology lover, modern, fashionable

J - Physical energetic, very ambitious, focused, extremely active, self-reliant

K - Romantic, secretive, caring, peacemaker, family-oriented

L - Overthinker, unique, having a sense of humor, fun-loving

M - Loyal, hardworking, workaholic, aggressive, loving, emotional

N - Independent, freedom lover, perfectionist, intuitive, communicative

O - Focused, moralistic, extremely sensitive, compassionate, great lover, trustworthy

P - Talkative, humorous, funny, intelligent, clever, stubborn, peculiar sense of humor

Q - Alone, imaginative, bold, mysterious, loyal, honest

R - Workaholic, hard worker, wise, born healer, short-tempered

S - Extremely loyal, leader, multi-talented, successful, famous

T - Organizer, mentally strong, peacemaker, innocent, helpful

U - Notorious, smart, tricky, hardworking, strong intuitive, disorganized

V - Winner, manipulator, loving, genuine, sharp memory, dependable, reliable

W - Impulsive, charming, egoistic, great lover

X - Hardworking, dangerous, courageous, greedy, undisciplined

Y - Freedom lover, business person, money maker, classy, restless

Z - Very friendly, polite, high willpower, goal-oriented, optimistic, diplomatic

Do we have to take the first and last letter of the first name in numerology?

Yes, for the personal predictions of a person, the first name should be taken to determine the first and last letter, because the characteristics of surname or family name are not fully personal, but ancestral. If the name's first letter is a vowel, the additional predictions will be taken from first vowel numerology.