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Chinese Numerology Calculator for 2023 | Lo Shu Grid Yearly Forecast

Chinese numerology calculator for money, success and health forecast: The Lo Shu grid or Chinese numerology is a good tool to know how well the coming years will go? Or how much money can you earn in the year of 2023?.

Mainly, people want to know about the growth of money and income, energy level, work capacity, career success and mental and psychical health during a year. This numerological yearly forecast tool anticipates a journey of the current year.

From the Chinese numerology year prediction tool, you can get wealth and income reports, career success and health predictions during 2023 or any year.

Life Predictions in Lo Shu Chinese Year Numerology

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Chinese numerology calculator for money, success and health in 2023

Chinese Lo Shu Grid Numerological Yearly prediction

The Chinese year numerology calculator can be used to predict money, career success and health in the year 2023. The Lo Shu year software tells the annual predictions of a person. Therefore, you just need to select a year and your birth date to get started. You may be interested to learn more about life pattern grid, missing numbers and their impacts, if so, then you should read the Lo Shu numerology.

How can you prepare the Chinese yearly forecast?

Based on the numbers in the Chinese chart, it searches for LPG arrows called planes. According to the presence and absence of arrows and numbers, predictions can be made for a year. The Chinese Lo Shu year calculator will do the same, it creates a square grid of desired year, searches the arrows and numerals and presents the report. Indeed, this is the yearly prediction by Lo Shu Grid arrows. For reading in Hindi, please use the Lo Shu Grid Varsh Fal calculator.

What are Lo Shu arrows?

Mainly, two important arrows of success, money and income are diagonal lines, known as golden and silver success planes. Other six important arrows are the horizontal and vertical planes. The 3 horizontal arrows are known as mental, emotional and practical planes. And, other 3 vertical planes are said to be thoughts, will power and action planes. Besides these, there are four small arrows of two-digit combination also.

Yearly prediction by Lo Shu Grid arrows

How much money can you earn in the year of 2023 or annually, according to Chinese numerology?

The money you can earn annually or during the current year of 2023 can be known from the diagonal success arrows. The first major golden arrow of wealth and earning (4-5-6) is more powerful than a silver arrow of money (2-5-8). If you have the first one, it is a very good sign, but if you don't have the golden arrow, the silver plane can bring fortune too. If both arrows are present, that is extremely good!

Absence of one money arrow cannot devalue another money plane. For knowing how much wealth you can get, just compare the previous year's earnings. If the previous year had a lower score and this year has a higher percentage, you would get more. See Tip 2

How do you measure working energy and success during a year in a Lo Shu grid Chinese horoscope chart?

For a greater success in the career, at first a person needs positive thoughts (4-3-8) and right vision, then, the need of strong will power (9-5-1) and ability to execute the work and at last, need of the action (2-7-6), energy, activeness and hard work.

The combinations of these qualities can be checked through the Chinese Lo Shu vertical arrows. The full or partial presence of thought, will power and action arrows are responsible for career success.

How do you measure mental and physical health in a Chinese life pattern grid?

A person needs mental stability (4-9-2), need of balanced emotions (3-5-7) and finally the need of practicality (8-1-6) in life for better health. All these qualities can be measured through horizontal arrows in a Chinese numerological horoscope. According to the presence and absence of numbers in these arrows, the health of a person can be predicted.

If an arrow is incomplete in the Chinese numerology horoscope, then will it give any result?

Simply, the arrows are made of the numbers and every number has its own influences. Therefore, if an arrow has one or two numbers only, it can give some types of results. However, the absence of an entire arrow leads to the destruction of the fruitful results. Significantly, the arrow of two numbers has more power than the arrow with a single number. This is interesting to know, that every number can be more powerful than another number in an arrow. Therefore, it is needed to consider every number's impact also.

Take an example, if a golden money arrow of 4-5-6 has 4 and 5 only and 6 is missing, then it is also good for money and income matters. Because, 4 stands for money, luck, power and discipline, which are the first things needed for obtaining wealth. The second numeral 5 stands for any type of stability and energy, which are needed for continuous earning and stable money. Now 6, which is missing could bring new contracts and beginnings. Nevertheless, without 4 (Luck) and 5 (balance), new opportunities (6) will be worth less.

What are the remedies of missing or incomplete arrows in a Chinese Lo Shu grid?

Every number has its own element, metal, direction, planet and color. Using missing numbers' metals, colors and elements in its particular direction can energize and balance the vibrations of positivity. This may help to heal the incompleteness of an arrow.

Bonus Tips:

1. Tip: If you ask for the prediction of your birth year, then in fact, it is also the prediction of your whole life. This is the Chinese horoscope chart of your life, as well as the chart of the first year of your life. This shows the average of your life's wealth, earnings, career and health.

2. Tip: After getting your Chinese yearly reading, perform a comparison between current year and previous year, which helps you to understand the real potential of the current year. After comparison, you will be able to distinguish the differences. If the arrow of this year has a higher score than the arrow of the preceding year. Then, you will get results, which will be more fruitful. For example, for the last year your golden money arrow has a 50% score and you have earned 100. And, for this year with a 75% score, you may earn 150 (1.5 times more).

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