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Do you know why you are lucky or unlucky

Born Lucky Numbers - Numerology holds three signification numbers - Life path, Birthday and Destiny numbers. These are responsible to drive a person on the life path even on a wrong way or right one. If these numbers are comatible to each other, we can say, person is in good luck. If any two of three numbers are compatible you are lucky also, and if all three numbers are best compatible you are real born lucky.

If you not in good luck, it means birthday and life path number certainly not good compatible, hence you can not change them. But, here is a way, changing to a compatible name, can brings good luck. This is important to know whether all these numbers (birthday v/s destiny and birthday v/s life path) are compatible or not.

Born Lucky Numerology Finder

Remember one thing, life path and destiny numbers reffered as luck and destiny, so these two should be bring in account for first. This is not solely based on name numerology, in which you can search compatibility of numbers with name numbers only. This is different, it search compatibility between two and three numbers and birthday number included during comparison. So, it search luck opportunity in the wide range. Although, name compatibility with numbers can change the picture.

Order of Precedence - This is notable, that matching for three numbers has different rules and comparison for two numbers has different rules. These numbers have the weightage according to luck and fortune.
(1) Life path number (2) Destiny Number (3) Birthday Number.

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Why I am so lucky - Find out the reason behind luck in numerology

Born lucky numerology finder tool to know are you in good luck

Try with full name
For the luck matters, full name should be used because full name is used in all worldly things even doing job or business, earning money, buying something etc. And, yes, it should be current popular name even your birth name or previous name is different.

What I do if I am not lucky
Just changing a the name which should be compatible with other prime numbers. Because you can not change birth date, but can change the name. These are numerology anticipate only, name change is totally up to you.

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