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5 Things Psychic Readers Wouldn't Dare to Tell You

You must have heard stories about people who have visited a tarot reader to know about their future. But there are many things psychic readers wouldn't dare to tell you. This post is intended to highlight the 5 basic things your psychic reader is eager to tell you, but wouldn't say out of fear or hesitation.

Before you start hunting down a psychic, make sure to figure out first what you expect to attain. Once you know your requirements, you can then ask for recommendations or do your own research about how to find a trustworthy and proficient psychic reader for yourself. It is also good to be a psychic yourself by testing your intuitive powers.

Five Untold Facts of a Psychic Reader

5 Untold truth of psychic readers

1. You're too fussy
Many times a client is too fussy or choosy to deal with. Especially, when it comes to their love life or relationship predictions, they tend to behave abnormally. There is no denying the fact that you want to pick the perfect life partner for yourself, but limiting your search for superficial reasons is not the right thing to do.

It's also important to understand that tarot reading is not connected to magic and your hired reader is not a magician who can bring a perfect partner for you in the blink of an eye.

Yes, acquiring the services of a psychic reader can be one of the steps you could add to your to-do list to connect with your partner. You cannot hire a psychic and expect them to foresee that you'll connect with someone if you have already blocked off chances of ever having a relationship.

2. You're too obsessed
Being clingy is a big no-no when it comes to tarot reading and maybe your readers want to tell you this fact too. It's good if you want to plan everything perfectly, but wondering if the person you met just 4 weeks ago is the right fit is just insane. Keep in mind, there is a line between future's life partner planning and being weird.

Dating a man and thinking about the future, just after your first date is something a tarot reader cannot help you out with. Yes, you can get a reading done if you want to - let's say - play a safe bid. But, if you spot a guy at a restaurant and want to know about your future, then it is just offbeat and sort of funny. Want to know if the handsome person on your social media account who liked your picture is good for having a long-term relationship? No way!

3. Ask God
There are people who can be extremely difficult to deal with. Regardless of the precious information you reveal, they can never be happy and satisfied with their readings. You can't impress them even if you provide them with pretty details such as the names of family members or their girlfriend's date of birth.

You have to understand that the psychic you have hired is not God. Remember, there is a huge difference between tarot readers and magicians. If you're having unreal expectations from the reader, you would end up having disappointment only.

4. Tarot reading on TV is always misrepresented
TV shows displaying psychic readings are generally distorted and give you the feeling that tarot is all about magic. However, keep in mind, you could be watching shows recorded over with faults, omissions, clumsiness and blank stares written over.

It's also noticeable that the medium acquires energy of different individuals to select from, whereas in face-to-face they just have to address YOU. Different psychics connect with a variety of people, differently. One channel can be great with one person, but tedious for you.

5. We all are different
Usually, clients get discontented because they pick the wrong psychic to read their cards. Well, we all are different and our needs are different too. For instance, there are seekers who are interested in predictions only. Some hire psychics as a fortune teller while there are clients who are looking to establish a connection with the spirits.

Yes, the one thing common in all these instances is the MEDIUM. You're all looking for a medium. However, just because a person has psychic skills, doesn't compulsorily mean he or she can connect you with the spirits, can foretell the fortune or foresee the future.

An exploration of tarot is the study of yourself from every perspective. It's a vast field and its revelations are not confined to fortune telling or future predictions only. It would be great if you ask yourself these questions first before hiring a tarot reader.

Maybe it's too difficult for your reader to say these things to you as a service provider. Similarly, it is the duty of a psychic reader to be realistic and reliable with how they proclaim their offerings.

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