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Auspicious dreams that can change destiny and life

Life Changer Dreams: In Hindu scriptures, there are many such auspicious dreams, which can change a person's life completely. These dreams are such signs that the very lucky ones can see. When these lucky dreams are visible, then it means the person's life is going to change. These dreams are indications that a person is going to get money, wealth, glory, respect and knowledge in the coming life. Indeed, we can call it destiny-changing dreams.

The description of a story about the dream world is relevant here. In the ancient times, when Lord Mahavir Swami was in the womb of his mother Trishala, his mother had observed 14 auspicious dreams at midnight. After seeing the dreams, both the mother and father spent the rest of the night in the remembrance of the Lord. In the morning, they asked the astrologers and mystics about the meaning of dreams.

The astrologers said that 'a great man is going to be born from the womb of Mother Trishala, who will show the new path of peace and non-violence to the world, and he will be the most knowledgeable and divine person'. You can know the meanings of 14 great dreams of Jainism. Besides these 14 dreams, there are some other dreams also which can be called luck changing dreams.

9 Life changing great dreams - 14 auspicious dreams in the Jainism

9 Life Changing Great Dreams

9 Luck Changing Auspicious Dreams

The Sun: Looking at the sun in the dream is auspicious and fruitful. Due to this highly auspicious dream, the dreamer becomes a great knowledgeable, wealthy and great man in life. His life becomes exemplary for others. Dreaming of Lord Sun Narayan, brings a new dawn in life.

Sea or Ocean: It is very auspicious to see the sea or ocean in the dream, this dream can be called the greatest dream. Here, the sea symbolizes the Kshirsagar, that is, the sea water amount is the symbol of splendor and wealth. If you have seen this dream, it means that lots of wealth is coming into your life, but if the sea looks like a tide or a storm, so there is also a sign of countless troubles and loss of wealth and glory.

White Elephant: This dream also falls into the category of a very supreme dream. The white elephant in a dream is a symbol of the Airavata Elephant (Lord Indra's vehicle). This is also a symbol of superfluous wealth. In the world, there is an indicator of getting the same respect as the king. However, watching a black elephant in a dream is inauspicious.

White Calf: Cow's white calf is a symbol of the Kamdhenu cow (Holy cow in Hinduism), it is also a very good dream. As a result, there is no shortage of anything in life.

Gayatri Mantra Chant: Chanting or hearing the Gayatri Mantra in the dream is extremely superior and beneficial. The people who see or hear Gayatri Mantra in the dream, they become free from sins and sorrows. Great wisdom and peace are achieved.

The book of Geeta: This dream is a symbol of bringing salvation, knowledge and spirituality into the life. The person becomes a symbol of sacrifice in life.

Tree Roots: This is also a very auspicious dream, seeing lots of the roots of a green tree is very auspicious. This is the symbol of family growth, wealth growth and greater social values.

A group of birds: This is also a great dream, if the group of birds is sitting or flying, then this dream is a sign of fate change. This is the symbol of lots of happiness, respect and money in life.

Squirrel: If the dreamer has a vision of a squirrel in the dream, then it is also considered auspicious and a symbol of destiny change. Lord Rama turned his three fingers on the squirrel and converted it into a very auspicious creature.

If any dream is not available here, just use the dream calculator to find out the meaning of your dream.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 14 auspicious dreams in Jainism with their meanings?

  • White elephant - High character
  • Bull - Highly religious
  • Magnificent lion - Capable of ruling the world
  • Goddess Laxmi - Great wealth and splendor
  • A pair of garlands - Honored by the world
  • Full Moon - Spiritualist
  • The bright Sun - Supreme knowledge
  • Large flag flying on a golden stick - Supreme religious saint
  • Golden Vase filled with the clear water - Perfect in all virtues
  • Lake of Lotuses - Beyond worldly attachment
  • Ocean - Supremely rich in prosperity and knowledge
  • Celestial plane - Venerated in all worlds
  • Big heaps of jewels - Infinite virtues and wisdom
  • Smokeless fire - Lucky person who attains salvation

Is it good to see God in the dream?

Seeing God in the dream is highly auspicious, which can turn into a vision of life and destiny. However, not all the dreams of Gods or Goddess are auspicious. Like, dreaming of God Yamraj is quite bad and painful. Dreaming of an angry deity is also bad.

What should I do if I see an auspicious dream?

Hindu scriptures say that if someone sees an auspicious dream, then the one should not sleep again and do worship and psalm in the rest of the night to get the results of the dream.

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