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Dreams of Luck and Misfortune

Luck and destiny symbol & meaning

Dreams about luck - Whenever a person sees any dream symbol, it may have some deep and weird meanings. The meaning of the dreams can be good, bad or null effects. Everyone wants to be successful and lucky in the life. It is how much exciting, to know if a dream is indication of luck and fortune. Here is the lists of good luck and misfortune dreams. If the destiny symbol is not available here, just use Dream Calculator to find out the meaning of your fortune dream.

Dreams of luck and misfortune - Destiny related dreams

Dreams of good luck and misfortune

Dreams which brings fortune and luck

These fortune related dream symbols which bring good luck and success. So, if you saw such things, it means, you are in good fortune. The best opportunities and luck are waiting for you in the near future. Fortune grows or fate arising time are indications of these dreams.

Parcel or courierKing
White heronMatchbox
Wife or life partnerFire
Head or foreheadGod Rama
Friends HuggingCoconut
Drinking waterScarves
Spring seasonFind Swastika
Stone throwingSports
See starsUmbilicus
Red flowerReliquary

Nightmare or bad dreams lead to misfortune and bad luck

These misfortunes related dreams lead to bad luck in the life. So, if a person sees such things, it means, hard luck and destiny loss will brings sorrows in dreamer's life. In the near future, time and fate will change and will not remain in favor of the dreamer.

Home or house Full tank
Losing Swastika Making a plan
Only black color Even number
Black heron White rock
Dirty clothes White tie
Mother crying Milk of cat
Paper written Close the shop
Get stone or rock Hanging bats

What to do after seeing such fortune nightmare
If someone saw bad nightmare, the dreamer should take some steps for avoiding the ill effects. Read here in details, to reduce the bad effect of a dream.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meaning of seeing life partner in the dream?

If someone sees married life partner in the dream, it brings the good luck and happiness. It is important to know, what the partner did in the dream. Such as crying is not auspicious, chatting with the partner in a joyful manner is good.

What is meant if someone sees stars in the dream?

If someone sees a dream about stars in the night sky, it is really a lucky event. This is indications of lots of money and fame. But seeing of meteor or seeing stars in the daylight brings bad fortune.

Does seeing of fire in a dream is auspicious?

According to Hindu scriptures, seeing of fire in a dream is quite lucky. Dream of fire known as greatest symbol among 14 great dreams. Seeing of Yagya fire, lamp fire and smokeless fire deemed good, but dreaming of smoke fire brings bad luck.

What if my mother is crying in my dream?

Crying of mother in a dream is quite bad and unlucky for the dreamer. Although, seeing of mother in the dream is lucky and blissful, but crying is deemed as a curse.

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