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We provide its online services/information through, subject to the following Terms and conditions, which may be amended/modified from time to time, without any prior notice. User agrees to any modification and reviews the agreement periodically to be aware of such modifications in the agreement. Such modifications shall be effective immediately as posted. User/visitor/buyer described hereafter as ("User or visitor or You") and or its subdomains and Jugraj Vadera described hereafter as ("Site or website" and/or "We") and online services, astrological/spiritual/numerological contents, articles, remedies, widgets, Sanskrit Strotram/prayers, products, images, audio, video, reports, remedies, internal/external widgets, widget codes, other software data, codes, infographics and any content given on this site described hereafter as ("content or contents").

Our Service:

The site provides various content related to astrology, spirituality, and on various subjects. The contents are made based on Indian "Vedic" astrology/K.P. Methods of astrology/"Swarodaya/Numerology" art/"Parasar Sahitta" and horoscope which prepared on birth database or other information provided by the user, in principles of Indian "Vedic" astrology or K.P. Methods of astrology or "Swarodaya" or numerology. All services are accepted in the manner that the user has understood and agreed to the following terms and conditions. All contents for entertainment and information purpose only.

Description of Services:

This site provides contents via the World Wide Web and/or electronic mail. The content shall be provided in the readable/viewable content format. All information that we request and a user provides is referred to in these Terms and conditions as "Registration Data".

It is user's responsibility to give all accurate information when filling any application/software form(s) or use of any form. The birth details and other information, which user enters on the form (Where required) will be taken as being correct.

We do not collect or store user registration data gathered by various software on our server, although if a user sends us email with any registration data, we kept this confidential. Only our staff of website, employees, owner and our astrologer(s) are allowed to get the details of the registration data. Read more about privacy policy. As we passed user's query or information to our any of astrologer for the reports, and every astrologer may have different predictions or views or opinions on user's request to report. In such conditions, reports may vary differ between astrologers for the same user.

We have all rights to accept and reject any type of application and request with or without any reason. In such conditions, we are not liable to disclose the reasons for the rejection.

(a) Online Content Service :

We have many online software tools or various types of scripts which called on this site as widget/tool/software/computer program/gadget/script/game/fortune teller/astro-calculators. We offer many online fortune tellers widgets and other widgets for entertainment and astrology reports/numerology reports. Our some widgets (like closing market predictor/gold predictor/stock market predictor and etc.) show the future/present or past prediction reports about products of commodity/share/local market which is based on Indian astrology calculations. These results or predictions are not based on any market survey, nor any advice from any marketing expert, so this is not necessary that any prediction goes true always, so visitors/users should not deal/purchase/sell in any market/share market/commodity market or local market, which is based on predictions of these softwares/fortune tellers widgets/astro calculators. We are nothing liable for any money loss, mental harassment or any type of loss. Dealing with any product is subject to user's own risk and choice. Our some fortune tellers/astro calculators like 1. Ask The Astrologer, 2. Mystic Parrot, 3. Crystal Ball, 4. Be a Psychic, are scripts to make predictions which are based on a user's question which user submit. All these softwares are based on Indian astrology calculations and Swara Shastra. These software recognize question type, and give answer accordingly. These software are unable to recognize the whole question so the user is advised to not blind trust on the anticipates/predictions. Any software or tool on this site, is for entertainment, fun and information purpose only. We accept none responsibility and guarantee about the accuracy and authenticity of our any software/widget and its results or predictions. Many of our software/widgets based on the user's question/string or submitted data and generate reports according to the user's question or query which user submitted. The results from these types of softwares may confuse or embarrass the user, a user is advised to ask the appropriate question. We will be nothing liable to any visitor for any damages, consequential or special damages arising from the operation or use or inability to operate/use the widgets/softwares or software's result or information. We are not the partner or affiliated with any other website or blog who containing our widget (embedded code).

(b) Free embedded able content service: terms of use

We grant permission to embed our some widgets or PDF or infographic into your web page in the exact format. No permission is granted to alter, block, sell or redistribute the code or any original/sample graphic or content. We do not give any guarantee and disclaim any responsibility for any use of these embed able content and information shown on in it. Further, we do not bear any liability for damages resulting from the use of the codes. We will be nothing liable to webmaster/user and your site visitors for any damages, consequential or special damages arising from the operation or use or inability to operate/use the code or information provided by embedding contents. Use of above codes does not imply a business relationship or partnership with the site containing the embedded code. We accept none responsibility and guarantee about the accuracy and authenticity of our embed able content and its result or predictions. We maintain the rights to cancel/modify this agreement, allow or disallow permission and block certain sites from accessing the code at any time or tell the site owners/webmasters to remove the embedded content from their sites. Further, we have rights to modify/delete the codes at any time without any notice. All contents of are intended for entertainment purposes and should be presented accordingly. All our codes and embed able materials are copyright material of Use of these types of embedded able contents of and its codes constitutes an acceptance of these terms of use.

(c) Other Content Services:

The site provides content and many articles on various subjects. All content and articles are copyright material of us and other respective owners. The motive of articles which published on site is entertainment and information only, we have no wrong intend to spread panic or any harmful activity. These published articles not to intend to harm any people, religion or any living or dead person.

(d) FTC Affiliate Disclosure:

According to FTC requirement, this site is associate/publisher of the various third parties's affiliate/advertisement program, which are affiliate and/or advertising programs designed to provide a means for us to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to some other affiliated/advertisement third party sites. After clicking on these types of links, these third parties use cookies to track visits for the purposes of assigning commission on sales. For more information, please visit affiliate disclosure.

Acceptance of Terms:

Upon using content of this site, the user agrees and accept the User Agreement described on ("terms and conditions"). And/Or by clicking on the [SUBMIT] button in any form, the user accept and agree also, to use the service in a manner consistent with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and with all applicable laws and regulations.

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User's privacy is important to us, We and third parties use various types of cookies for visitor analytics, advertisement and security and performance purposes. Please read and agree with our privacy policy and cookie policy before accessing and using this site. This privacy and cookie policies are the part of this terms and condition agreement.

Complaints procedure:

If there any privacy issue or miss-understandings or errors occur. We will try our best to resolve the matter in the user's best interest. A user can contact us if the user has any problem with our contents. A user may contact us through email at Address

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Uses of Services and liabilities :

We accept none responsibility and guarantee if things do not go as predicted or reported. Use of any content is subject to user's own choice and own risk. We do not give or take any responsibility for any damage/loss, mental harassment, any situation arising from the content or online operation of this website. Astrology/numerology prediction reports can never provide certainties about forecast, predictions and remedies. Here is none guarantee about the accuracy of any content of this website. Some of financial predictions and reports/contents are anticipating only, these content, not based on market survey, nor any advice from any marketing expert, so use reports/predictions at your own discretion.

We do not harvest any data of users. We will be nothing liable to any user or any third party, for consequential or special damages arising from wrong operating or inability to operate this website or other external links. When a user clicks an external link, it means user leaves our website. In such conditions, we are not liable for user's privacy and safety. The user should read that third party website's privacy before access/use other sites.

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