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Online Horoscope Matching Calculator - Kundali Matching by Name

Online horoscope matching calculator - Ashtakoot Guna Milan or Kundli matching is a difficult process to check many astrological combinations for zodiac sign and constellation compatibility, we offer best online software for free Kundali matching by names for matrimony and love purpose. Many Indian astrologers use the Ashtkoot Chakra or Avakhada Chakra for Kundali Milan between the bride and groom. So here, the online Kundli Milan calculator will do it for you. Additionally, this horoscope matchmaking tool can tells about Ashtkoot Dosha or defects and rectification of flaws aka Dosha Parihar.

What is marriage matching in astrology?

Mostly, people ask the astrologer for matrimony horoscope to know their Guna for the best astrology chart match, so that the couple will not survive with any incompatibility and misfortune. Janam Kundli Milan by name is the proven astrological method for marriage matching prediction or love prophecy. This is performed by two ways, one is Kundli matching by name and another is horoscope match by date of birth. If you know your birth names, then you can search free Kundali chart compatibility by names only, without the birth time. The result will as same as you get with birthday.

Online Kundli Matching for matrimony - Horoscopes Compatibility by Name

Birth chart matching by name between boy and girl
Generally, astrologers check astrology compatibility by names only. They do it with current name or Janam Rashi name. Vedic astrology suggests to check 36 Gun Milan by both names as both have impact on native's life. For example, if horoscope compatibility is not favorable by birth names, you can use prevalent names.

Here, you will find two types of Kundli Milan reports, one is basic and strictly followed by traditional horoscope match rules. The second is a liberal and the vital report after any incompatible Ahstkoot Dosha rectification, if such demerits expiation available. According to our opinion, you should take second report more correct because if there is rectification of any demerits, that should be considered positive during horoscopes compatibility. You can get a PDF or print report for your personal use. Here - you can get Kundali matching by name in Hindi also.

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Kundli Matching for Wedding - Astrology Matchmaking by Name - Horoscope Chart Match

How Horoscope Matching Calculator Works?
This free Kundali software analysis names of boy and girl, find out their zodiac sign and Lunar constellations. Then, check specific conjunction between them, calculate 36 Ashtakoot Gun Milan. Search for any bad effect or Dosha and its avoidance in the charts. And, finally makes a free Kundali match report for you. Guna points are a maximum of 36 and, Indian Vedic astrology suggests if 18 or above virtue are matched, then Kundli match deemed good and splice called preferably. Manglik Dosha or frailty is not taken in 36 characteristic compatibility. You are advised to calculate it separately.

What is astrology compatibility by horoscope?

Harmony or companionship between two persons called compatibility in term of astrology. People search best astrology sites to find out the true matrimony compatibility. Indian Vedic astrology has the unique and proven method for this. The Astro chart matching is a method for finding best conformability. However, there are many methods, rules and conjunctions to analysis the best love match. Additionally, there are some other methods also available, like compatibility by birth date, numerology matching by name. But, analyzing horoscope for compatibility is more logical than other methods.

Horoscope for love

How to do Horoscope Match in Astrology?

For a birth chart match by astrology, astrologer makes a natal chart using birth details. Review bride and bridegroom's reconcilability for wedlock by horoscope through both person's birth zodiacs and Nakshtras. Checks other Yoga and Manglik Dosha, and makes the matching predictions. If native has not the birth date, the same test can be done by names only, but Manglik Dosha cannot be determined through this.

Which name should be used for Kundali Milan by names?

Generally, astrologers review horoscope compatibility using the current name or birth Janam Rashi. Look, what Vedic Jyotish says about this.
Which name should be used during matchmaking
It Means, birth name should be used to check wedding compatibility and prevalent name should be used to check love or relation matching. Confused, why astrology says using both names for one type of compatibility. Well, some matchmaking like daily conduct between two persons should be checked through current names. And, childbirth or sensual matching should be examined by birth names. So, both names have the impact on native, and in our opinion, matching should be checked with current names and alternately with birth names. Native should consider the best, whichever obtained high rank.

What should be examined for the horoscope matching?

For the best Kundali Milan, native should examine 36 Guna, Manglik Dosha, other yogas such as the age factor (Aayu Vichar), luck factor (Bhagya Yoga), child yoga or Santaan yoga etc. And, importantly, native should checks if there is any chance for cancellation of incompatibility or not. Astrology has many conjunctions where a demerit or Dosha can be canceled, which can turn inauspicious yoga into the auspicious stage.

Janam Kundli Dosh Parihar - Defects Cancellation

If any matched merit obtained 0 or inauspicious yoga in the Gun Milan, it's called Dosha or demerits/defects. According to astrology, there are some expiations or rectifications for Ashtakut demerits which said to be Dosh Parihar or defects cancellation. These should be taken into account during homology. This free Kundali Milan calculator shows incompatibility removal radix or Dosh Parihar, if it is available during calculation, which help to find a better birth chart matching.