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Nakshatra Matching by Zodiac Sign and Constellation

राशि और नक्षत्र से विवाह मिलान कैलकुलेटर

Marriage compatibility by Nakshatra - This Nakshatra matching calculator is an accurate means for marriage matching by zodiac sign and constellation, of which 8 types of compatibilities and 36 properties can be found. Astrology recommends matrimony matching by the birth sign and its constellation. To know constellation and zodiac compatibility, you should have knowledge of your zodiac and constellation.

यहाँ आप नाम और जन्म तिथि का उपयोग किये बिना भी राशि और नक्षत्र से विवाह और प्रेम हेतु मिलान को हिंदी में भी प्राप्त कर सकते है, आपको केवल इंग्लिश या हिंदी वाले चेकबॉक्स का चयन करना है.

Nakshatra Match

नक्षत्र मिलान

राशि और नक्षत्र से मिलान | नक्षत्र मिलान कैलकुलेटर | Nakshatra Matching in English and Hindi

Marriage Nakshatra Match

What are the ways of matching the marriage horoscope?

To check the astrological way between man and woman for successful love and wedding, the study of the birth chart of both of them is called marriage match. By the way, there are many ways of compatibility in astrology, such as Kundali Milan by name or matching by the time of birth, date and place or matching from the zodiac and Nakshatra. There is a difference between these three methods, but its results always remain the same.

The difference in these methods is that if you do not have the date of birth, time, you can match by name only. If you have information about the zodiac and constellation, then here you can also know with this Rashi and Nakshatra Milan calculator.

In astrology, compatibility checking is done in two ways, one is the zodiac or planet compatibility and the other is the Nakshatra compatibility. On the basis of these two, an astrological decision can be made for health, physical and mental love, luck, happiness, financial status and progeny compatibility between the boy and the girl.

What is the role of zodiac sign in the marriage compatibility?

For the love matching of bride and groom, 4 Koota Varna, Vashya, Maitri and Bhakoot are determined, then the mutual harmony of each Koot can be known separately.

  • Every zodiac sign has a certain Varna or character and divided into four parts, which called Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. This is a type of caste system of the zodiac, from which a sense of importance and mental compatibility is known among two signs. For example, if a man's zodiac is Shudra and a woman's zodiac is Kshatriya, defects in Varna virtue will be present, because a woman will consider herself more important than a man.
  • Every zodiac sign has a fixed Vashya Koota, which is expressed in five parts like Jalchar, Chatushpad, Vanchar, Keet and Manav. This is the controllable type of zodiac signs, from which mutual dominance and controlling nature are known. Just as the Vanchar ( forest creature) and Manav (Human) are opposite in the nature, then there will be defects in the Vashya.
  • According to the planetary lord of every zodiac, the Maitri or friendship compatibility can be known, which is expressed by mutual friendship or enmity of the planets. This leads to the decision of friendly behavior between the two zodiac signs. For example, due to the enmity between the Sun of Leo and Saturn of Capricorn, there is the defect in the Maitri.
  • How many far one zodiac from another zodiac, it decides the Bhakut quality. As the Pisces comes at the 12 position, if counted from Aries. And, Aries comes at the 2nd position, if counted from Pisces. Here 2-12 or 12-2 is called Shadashtak Yoga, which is not auspicious. Daily conduct can be decided by Bhakoot.

How is wedlock matching done with the Nakshatras?

According to the constellation of the boy and the girl, the remaining 4 Koota Tara, Yoni, Gana and Nadi are decided, then through them the mutual harmony of each Koota is decided.

  • The 27 Nakshatras are divided into 9 Tara or stars. The Nakshatra in which, the native is born has been called its first Tara. In this way, a complex calculation of how far each other's constellation is deciding the Tara of both people. These nine Tara are known as Param Mitra, Janma, Sampat, Vipat, Kshem, Pratyari, Sadhak, Vadh and Mitra. The harmony of fate and sensibility can be known by Tara Koota.
  • Each Nakshatra has a particular Yoni, which is indicated by an animal sign. Physical pleasure, love and mental harmony can be known by Yoni Koota. This Koota has been described as 14 types, Gaja, Ashwa, Gau, Mesha, Sarpa, Mahish, Vyaghra, Mrig, Shwaan, Marjar, Mooshak, Vanar, Nakula and Singh. To quote, there is a mutual enmity between the Mushak (rat) and the Sarpa (snake), in which the Mooshak hasn't hostility, but the Sarpa has. Then, there is the enmity in the Yoni Koota so, only 1 point can be given out of 4.
  • Each Nakshatra has a Gana, which is given the metaphor of Devta, Manushya and Rakshas. It does not mean that the native has divinity or demonic influence. Just as a human and a demon are not compatible among themselves, in the same way the quality of Gana is determined. This gives information about mutual love affairs.
  • Each constellation has the particular Nadi, which is called Aadya, Madhya and Antya. This gives information about age, child health and harmony of physical relationship. For example, science does not allow the matrimony of people of the same blood group, because it creates health related defects of the child. Similarly, the wedlock of the bride and groom of the same Nadi also impedes the happiness of children. Therefore, astrology does not allow to marry of a boy and a girl having a same Nadi.