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Shri Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950. Here you can read, how numerology numbers change his life from bottom to top. How the number 8 and 5 make him a successful leader. What the zodiac signs have impact on his life.

He is an Indian politician and prime minister of India since 2014. He completed a masters degree in political science. Here is summary of his life journey:
Birth Date: 17 September 1950
Chief Minister of Gujarat From: 2001 To 2014
Member of the Gujarat Assembly From: 1 January 2002
Member of Parliament From: 16 May 2014
Prime Minister of India From: 26 May 2014
Prime Minister of India From: 30 May 2019

Name: Narendra Modi
Profession: Indian Politician
Born: 17 Sep. 1950
Google: Narendra Modi

What is numerology profile of Narendra Modi?

  • Life Path Number: 5
  • Birthday Number: 8
  • Destiny Number: 5
  • Heart Desire Number: 6
  • Personality Number: 8

What are astrology zodiac signs of Narendra Modi?

  • Sun Sign: Virgo
  • Moon Sign: Scorpio

Narendra Modi Numerology and Astrology Horoscope

Narendra Modi Horoscope: 17 Sep. 1950

Narendra Modi Numerology Horoscope
Life Path Number - 5Birthday Number - 8
Compound Number - 41Destiny Number - 5
Heart Desire Number - 6Personality Number - 8

Narendra Modi Life Path Number - 5

He is a person, who always search the changes and freedom in the work. He is persuasive to others, restless for work and the lover of adventures. Life path number 5 person can be in any field, which requires communication skills like stage operations, publisher, advertising or promotion. So, in the politics communication skills are must necessary. And, he is graced with it.

Number 5 person always takes risks, does work with discipline and step by step, but hate routine and repetition also. He is multi-talented, and has many abilities to do work together. The ruling planet is Mercury for the number 5, which brings success from 32th year. Modi's life journey proves this also, he got a political science degree at the age of 33 and his political life really start from that age.

Narendra Modi Birthday Number - 8

The number 8 is ruled by the planet Saturn, who is known for the great ability to organize and rule. Therefore, he has the born qualities to organize any work or idea very smartly. Person who influenced with number 8, can become a good business or an authority person. That person is firm determined and disciplined, but an introvert too. Number 8 persons can reach a high level of politics, because Saturn is deeply connected with business and politics. A saying is 'Saturn can make a king to poor and poor to king', so number 8 can do such miracles. Saturn is symbolized for elderly age, so number 8 people like Mr. Modi, gets huge success, fame or money in elderly age.

What says numerology for Narendra Modi's politics?

Here is the vital digit for politics career is number 8. Because, his birthday number 8 drives him as a great politician. The number 8 is symbolized for great abilities of leadership, political skills and decisive and commanding.

Another very good numerological symbol for politics career is 5. Because, number 5 drives him as a great communicator. As we know, 5 is symbolized for communication skills, very hard working and multi talents traits.

Narendra Modi's important years, according to numerology

Important events in his life may happen between these time frames, according to numerology. Some years of childhood have been taken out.
Sep. 1955 to Sep. 1956 (Age - 6)
Sep. 1967 to Sep. 1968 (Age - 18) - Marriage of Narendra Modi.
Sep. 1982 to Sep. 1983 (Age - 33) - Obtained Masters degree in political science.
Sep. 1985 to Sep. 1986 (Age - 36) - Joined BJP.
Sep. 1994 to Sep. 1995 (Age - 45) - Appointed national secretary of BJP.
Sep. 2000 to Sep. 2001 (Age - 51) - Contested and became Chief Minister of Gujarat.
Sep. 2012 to Sep. 2013 (Age - 63) - Contested and became Chief Minister of Gujarat.
Sep. 2018 to Sep. 2019 (Age - 69) - Became Prime Minister of India.
Sep. 2021 to Sep. 2022 (Age - 72) - It assumed, this year will importantly also.

How to calculated these years:
He was born in 1950; Find out a sum of the year, until the single digit.
The sum of 1950 is 6, so add 1950+6 = 1956 (Sep. 1955 to Sep. 1956 falls between age 6)
Again, the sum of 1956 is 3, so add 1956+3 = 1959 (Sep. 1958 to Sep. 1959 falls between age 9)
The same method will be repeated to find out important years from birthday to birthday.

Narendra Modi's Name Numerology Reading

Compound Name Number (Numerology total of his name) - 41

Name Destiny Number - 5
According to numerology, his name destiny number is 5. The number 5 is ruled by the Mercury. The 5 means Communicator, Restless, Versatile.
He has traits of planet Mercury such as fast movement, versatile nature, communication skill and multi-talents. These qualities give the opportunities to become a successful politician. Number five persons are clever, who make quick response and ideas for any problem. They love freedom, adventure, and do works at high risk. Some people are highly workaholic and restless. And, all we know, how Mr. Modi works during the day at this age.

Heart Desire Number - 6
According to the vowels in his name, heart desire number is 6. The number 6 is influenced by the Venus, therefore 6 number person wants to be an ideal person for society, and has the deep affection and a sense of responsibility for the family and society.

Name Personality Number - 8
According to the consonants in his name, personality number is 8. The personality number 8 is emphasized by the Saturn. The person of personality number 8 is able to draw own picture as successful administrator or a business person, who is honest, hardworking and positive.

Compatibility between birth date and Narendra Modi

Does his name is lucky according to numerology? Let's check numbers compatibility with his name.

Comparison Between Numerology Numbers
Life Path (5) v/s Destiny Numbers (5) Great Compatible

His two numbers are nicely compatible. But, other numbers are not so compatible. But, as he is in politics, where 5 and 8 can miracles, even they are not so much compatible with eath other.

Western Astrology and Sun Sign of Narendra Modi

His sun sign is Virgo
He is influenced by the Mercury, who is ruling over the Virgo zodiac. He is a versatile, talented, sensitive and a good communicator person. He is a born genius, who can learn anything easily and execute the plans systematically. Again, according to this sign, he works like a workaholic.

Narendra Modi Western Astrology Horoscope
Zodiac Sun Sign - VirgoZodiac Symbol - Maiden
Lord Planet - MercurySun Sign Date - August 23 To September 22

Indian Astrology and Moon Sign of Narendra Modi

Moon sign of his name is Scorpio
Scorpio persons are sincere, courageous, faithful or just the opposite of these qualities. Their actions and thoughts are inexplicable. Scopioans becomes lucky in the second half of life. Here, we learn, that he is really sincere and courageous and he got huge political success after second half of life. The Scorpion has strong likes and dislikes, has the tendency to override and enjoy success from lowest to highest tone. Scorpions are the best friends as well as the worst enemies for others.

Narendra Modi Indian Astrology Horoscope
Zodiac Moon Sign - ScorpioZodiac Symbol - Scorpion
Lord Planet - MarsMoon Sign Alphabet - To, Na, Ni, Nu, Ne, No, Y, Yi, Yu

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