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Aamir Khan Birth date Horoscope of Numerology and Astrology

Horoscope Predictions of Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan Horoscope Predictions

Aamir Khan is an Indian actor, filmmaker and director, who is known as Mr. Perfectionist. His full name is Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan. He was born on 14 March 1965 in Mumbai, India. His first debut film was Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, when he was 23-24 years old. Here is the numerology and astrology reading of Aamir Khan.

Name: Aamir Khan
Profession: Indian Actor
Born: 14 March 1965
Google: Aamir Khan

What is numerology numbers of Aamir Khan?

  • Life Path Number: 11
  • Birthday Number: 5
  • Destiny Number: 22
  • Heart Desire Number: 4
  • Personality Number: 9

What are astrology zodiacs of Aamir Khan?

  • Sun Sign: Pisces
  • Moon Sign: Aries

Aamir Khan numerology and astrology horoscope

Aamir Khan Horoscope: 14 March 1965

Aamir Khan Numerology Horoscope
Life Path Number - 11Birthday Number - 5
Compound Number - 22Destiny Number - 22
Heart Desire Number - 4Personality Number - 9

Aamir Khan Life Path Number - 11

The 11 is a master builder number, so he is a deep thinker, spiritually aware, dreamer & loyal to others.
Other people want his company due to his peacemaking behavior & the good sense of humor. He is a perfectionist and has own silent ways to complete the tasks, but often feels that he does not get the credit for own work. Therefore, he is known as Mr. Perfectionist. Number 11 person can become great actor or actress or model, because it has double powers of the number 2, which is deeply connected with the expression of feelings.

Aamir Khan Birthday Number - 5

The number 5 is impacted by the Mercury. He is a person, who always busy with own work. He is known as a talented and a good communicator person. He is, the quicker and seeker person, who always does many tasks at the same time. He is intelligent, sharp-minded, restless and very friendly. Great writer, scientist and philosopher were born under date five.

What is the key factor of numerology in the career of Aamir Khan?

Number 11 or 2 both are same, the difference is 11 is a master number, which has double power of the number 2. 11 is the more fortunate number other than number 2. Although, both can drive acting and modeling career success.

Here are some other career, including acting, which are also favorable, according to his life path number and birthday number: Modeling, Business, Politics, Writing.

Aamir Khan's name numerology reading

Compound Name Number (Numerology total of his name) - 22

Name Destiny Number - 22
According to numerology, his destiny number is 22. The number 22/4 is ruled by the Uranus or Rahu. The 22/4 means Dreamer, Systematic, Illusionist.
The 22 is called master number, the 4 is a single number of it. Number 22 person may have the world of illusion, often awakes after falling into danger. Unexpected events are the main traits of number 22. Hidden enemies and dangers always remain surrounded. Although the master number gives his more powers, like he is very trustworthy, a good manager, energetic, capable and systematic.

Heart Desire Number - 4
According to the vowels in his name, heart desire number is 4. The number four is influenced by the Uranus/Rahu, so inner desires reflect the qualities of Uranus or Rahu. He has the strong desires to be safe for the finance and future. Aamir always wants the respect of his loyalty and workmanship.

Name Personality Number - 9
According to the consonants in his name, personality number is 9. The number 9 is dominance of the Mars. Aamir presents the first impression as an intellectual and real humanitarian. He is known for the confidence, tolerance and courage with a magnetic personality.

Compatibility between birth date and name of Aamir Khan

Does his name is lucky according to numerology?

Birthday Number v/s Destiny Number
Comparing of Birthday And Destiny NumberCompatibility Percentage
Birthday AND Destiny Number
5 AND 22
Highly incompatible
Average Between Birthday And Name Number 5%

Life Path Number v/s Name Numbers
Comparing of Life Path And Name NumbersCompatibility Percentage
Life Path AND Destiny Number
11 AND 22
Best Compatible
Life Path AND Soul Urge Number
11 AND 4
Best Compatible
Life Path AND Personality Number
11 AND 9
Somewhat incompatible
Average Compatibility Between Birth Date And Name Numbers 75.00%

If we have taken both score into the account, the final compatibility between his name and birth date gets: 40.00%

The score is not good, if we have taken both score into the calculation. But, his life path and destiny numbers are highly compatible. It is also noticeable, his life path and name numerology numbers are nicely compatible.

Western astrology of Aamir Khan

Aamir's sun sign is Pisces
He is impacted by the Jupiter, who is owner planet of Pisces sign. He is known for his social, artistic, sensitive and peacemaker image. He is an expert in many fields as he has very knowledgeable sense in all of that. He is very emotional and faithful person and often people use his emotions to get benefits.

Aamir Khan Western Astrology Horoscope
Zodiac Sun Sign - PiscesZodiac Symbol - Fish
Lord Planet - JupiterSun Sign Date - February 19 To March 20

Moon sign of Aamir Khan

Moon sign of Aamir's name is Aries
He is quicker in actions, but may face struggle, ups and downs in the some part of the life. Aamir never defeated by the enemy if he knows who is the person. He wants to be clear in any manner and same from other people. He has the traits of mechanical ability and sound health. Aries person is very romantic and aggressive, and usually marries or fall in love at an early stage of the life. Aries likes to work for woman rights and want to serve humanity.

Aamir Khan Indian Astrology Horoscope
Zodiac Moon Sign - AriesZodiac Symbol - Ram
Lord Planet - MarsMoon Sign Alphabet - Ch, Che, Cho, L, Li, Lu, Le, La, A

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