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Hindu New Year Samvatsar Predictions as Per Astrology & Numerology

The new Hindu new year called Samvatsar is coming soon on 25 March 2020. To know, how will this year goes as per astrology Panchang and numerology, here is predictions for the Samvatsar Sharvari or Pramathi. It is also interesting to know Vikari Samvat prediction, which last till 24 March 2020. Read this page in Hindi.

Samvatsar Astrology Predictions

Samvat - Hindu year in Vedic astrology

The arrival of the new year is considered to be January 1, however, according to the Indian Vedic calendar and astrology, the first day known as Pratipada Thithi of the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month is considered to be the beginning of the new year, because according to Hindu Vedas, the universe was created on this day by God. Spring season also starts from this day, which is a symbol of new construction of nature. The Hindu New Year is called Nav Samvatsar or Nav Samvat.

This year, the new Samvat is starting on 25 March 2020, many mythological calendars are in circulation, in India, such as Shak Samvat, Vikram Samvat, Kali Yuga Samvat etc. Shak Samvat is the national calendar of India, Vikram Samvat is also widely recognized.

Each Hindu calendar is in a 60-year cycle and each year has a name that reflects its attributes. The new Samvatsar, which starts on 25 March this year, is named Sharvari and the year 1942 according to Shaka Samvat, and according to Vikram Samvat, its name is Pramathi and year is 2077.

What is the New Sanvatsar and its planetary government on 25 March 2020?

  • Shak Samvat - Sharvari 1942
  • Vikram Samvat - Pramathi 2077
  • Constellation - Revathi
  • Moon sign - Pisces
  • Sun sign - Pisces
  • Samvat King and Dhanesh (Lord of Wealth) - Mercury
  • Samvat Minister - The Moon
  • Sasyesh (lord of crops), Neeresh (lord of solid metals) - The Jupiter
  • Dhanyesh (lord of grain) - The Mars
  • Rasesh (Lord of liquid) - The Saturn
  • Megesh (lord of rain), Falesh (lord of fruits), Durgesh (lord of army) - The Sun

How is the king of Samvatsar selected?

The day that comes on the Pratipada Thithi of Chaitra month of any new Samvatsar, the lord of that day is the king of that year. The king of this year will be considered as Mercury because on the March 25 the day is Wednesday.

What are the meanings and consequences of the word Sharvari and Pramathi?

Shervari is a Sanskrit word, its meaning is a night or evening or woman. According to the name, the results of this year will be, such as the primacy of Tamoguna, the characteristics of a woman. It will give mixed results.
Pramathi means laziness, so this year will make people indolent in some sense.

Impacts of this Samvatsar's King Mercury and Minister Moon

The Mercury is the king of this Samvatsar, so business activities will increase, it will be a good time for traders and the saints, so, if the businesses are good then the economy will also boost. Mercury is a lord of communication system and speech, so the media, saints and leaders will have a great influence on the activities of the year. Again, the owner of wealth is Mercury also, due to which the people and governments will get benefit and money. This also indicates prosperous life. The Mercury can be called Tamoguni, so there is a hint of anti-law incidents also, but every good or bad event will be for a short time only.

The Moon is the minister of this Samvat, so the rains will be good, money and grain will increase. There will be widespread environment of the boom and the slowdown of the economy. Lunar is an auspicious planet, hence will provide good results for the year.

An overview of previous Vikari Samvatsar

The Samvatsar Vikari, which was started on 6 April 2019 and last till 24 March 2020. The king of this Samvat called Saturn and the minister known as the Sun. This Shak Samvat's name is Vikari, and the Vikram Samvat's name is Paridhavi. First of all, know that Saturn is a cruel planet, it is also the owner of long-lasting and fatal diseases, Saturn is fond of the justice and has the work charge of rain and army matters also. Overall, this Hindu year is not so good for the world.

What are the predictions of the Samvatsar Vikari, till 24 March 2020?

First of all, the name of the year is Vikari, which means disorderly or sick, and Paridhavi means like flowing or running. The names indicate that this year has disorders, from the beginning. The Saturn, who called as Saneshchar, mean, a slow moving planet and gives every result with full impact but by slow speed. So, many results appear till the end of this Hindu year. Next, the Sun, who is the minister of this Hindu year, is already the enemy of the Saturn, which is an indicator of contradiction in power, politics, climate, health etc. And, we see the political turmoil, change of the climate and health issues. We believe, that many people are suffering from any type of illness due to the Indian Vikari year. This year will be bad, mainly for those people, whether in terms of health or money, who are suffering from Saturn's transit, inter-transit or Dhaiya or whose Sun and Saturn are bad in the birth chart.

How long does the Vikari Samvat last?

It should be noted that, transit of the planet is not a computer program, that on March 25, the effect of Saturn and the Vikari Samvat end. The lord of every year gives effect by his nature for some time before the beginning of the year and after the end. The Saturn is the slowest moving planet, it lasts about 30 months in a zodiac. And, there are nine constellations in one zodiac, in which the Saturn transits. So if astrology mathematics is done, then 30/9 = 3.25 months, again since the king of this year, Saturn rule over 12 months of this Samvat, then 100 days / 2.5 = 40 days. Mean, it had effects from about 40 days before 6 April 2019. And, contains effect after 24 March 2020 for 40 days. Consider it like, if someone came to your house, quarreled and went away, but for some time, the atmosphere of your house was concerned. So, since 25 March 2020, the effects of Saturn and Vikari Samvatsar start to decrease gradually, but it can take 40 days after 25 March to finish.

Numerology Predictions of Hindu Samvatsars

We think, it is interesting for our readers, to learn what numerology says, if we use name Chaldean numerology to find out their name meaning.

Samvat Names Numerology Numbers
From 6 April to 24 March
Destiny Number - 4Secretive, Unexpected
From 6 April to 24 March
Destiny Number - 11Sensible, Spiritual
From 25 March to 12 April
Destiny Number - 3Creative, Ideal
From 25 March to 12 April
Destiny Number - 8Game changer, Money Maker

The Vikari Samvat has name number as 4, which is ruled by Rahu, who known for unexpected and bad events during the year. Another name Paridhavi, ruled by number 11, which is ruled by Moon, who known for sensitive and spiritual behavior, it makes people sensitive and spiritual. So, this year bad also according to numerology. As Moon can be easily affected by Rahu.

The upcoming Samvat or Hindu year, which is going to start on 25 March 2020, named Sharvari has name number as 3, which is ruled by Jupiter, who known for idealism and creative traits. Another name Pramathi, ruled by game changer and money maker number 8, whose lord is Saturn, who can make people either king or poor. Overall, according to numerology, this year will far better from the previous Hindu year, but not as so good as astrology says. Because Saturn can make vivid results both good or bad.

Here, it is also needed to mention, that the year 2020 has number 4. The four is ruled by Rahu, who known for unknown and unexpected events. Rahu is an inauspicious planet, which can bring instability in economy, health and politics. We can hope for the best.