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How does astrology works? or Does horoscope work?

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Last updated: 03 Dec 2022

How does astrology work? Astrology is a mirror of our actions and the fruits of our actions. Astrology tells us, how our karma will happen and what will be their possible result. We know that every action has a reaction, just this principle is known by astrology because of the planets, signs and constellations.

According to astrology, every living being is bound in the cycle of time, it is born at a particular time, and dies when the time comes. Every living being lives according to his deeds, abilities and power. Astrology is completely governed by Karma and Destiny. According to the kind of karma a person does, he gets good or bad results.

Does astrology works

How does astrology work?

Stars give results of deeds.
We know that the account of our deeds is in the hands of God, but, according to astrology, God has given this right to the 9 planets located in the solar system. These nine stars keep an account of every action. Astrology does not give any result but it can tell what will be the result of our actions.

Let us understand this with some examples, the planet Jupiter is considered to have the nature of a gentle, old, scholar, sage. Now if a person is born in Sagittarius Ascendant, then Jupiter is the lord of his Ascendant. Such a person should have gentleness, gravitas, knowledge, if Jupiter is in a good position in the birth chart. On the contrary, when Jupiter is afflicted with sins or in a bad position, there will be lack of knowledge or pride of knowledge, sometimes gentle and sometimes angry nature.

Similarly, Venus is said to be the factor of the wife and Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth). If a man behaves badly with his wife, then his Venus suffers, as a result there is loss of money. Similarly, when a person oppresses a laborer, poor, servant or keep him with love, then Saturn gives its effect.

What is astrology?

How does astrology work? Before knowing this, it is important to know that what is astrology?

Astrology is a subject of a horoscope, nine planets and 12 zodiac signs with 27 constellations, which all work every time in life. This is the way to know our life's events and the future. It is not a magic art to change our future or luck.

This is called Jyotish in Hindi; it means a divine power of God (Jyoti of Ishwar). We can know everything through this, which is good or bad for us in life, so that we can try to avoid bad things and follow the right ways.

However, astrology never gives certainty about truthful prophecies, because this is a huge and complicated subject, and no one can be perfect in this field.

How does an astrologer make a birth chart?

You have to know the right time and date of your birth, otherwise, horoscopes give the wrong forecast, and predictions may not work.

To make your birth chart, you must have the exact time, place and date of your birth. First of all, an astrologer does maths from these three information and sees which ascendant was there at the time of your birth. After determining the lagna, it is seen that which planets were transiting in which zodiac and in which constellation. After ascertaining this, the birth chart is made by giving them a place in the same zodiac signs.

How are predictions made?

Prophecies can be made through a planet's position in a horoscope and the powers of the planets. The powers can be known through degrees of planets, and from their positions in a good or bad house. Such as;

Is the planet situated in a friendly planet's house or in an enemy's house in a birth chart?

In which zodiac sign, the planet is situated?

Which planets are with other specific planets? or which planet is seeing the other houses or stars?

The constellations, zodiac signs, their degrees and powers, the type of houses, the situation of stars in a horoscope, the transit positions, Yogas, birth time and many other aspects need to be examined for the correct predictions.

How do horoscope predictions work?

People who believe in horoscope predictions are eager to know how astrology works? Actually, according to Indian scripture, God assigns powers to the nine planets to give results to the humans and animals according to their Karma or works.

If someone does or did sinful work in this life or in the past life, the stars give bad results according to their powers in the horoscope. They give worse results in their transit, because they are strong enough during the transit.

For example, suppose a man dishonors or insults any saint or his father. His Jupiter is situated in the 8th house of horoscopes, then during the transit of Jupiter, it causes dishonor, diseases, problems in the native's life. So you think how prophecies are made for this, because Jupiter is a symbol of the saint and father, and insulting made Jupiter cruel.

Do gemstones work or help?

It depends on whenever you wear the gemstone, and in which finger. It is also important to know if the gemstone is beneficial for you or not according to your horoscope. Remember, it is vital to determine which gemstone will be good for wearing.

At least, one should wear the stone for 40 days to check if it works or not. The gemstones work, but not entirely, if a gemstone solves all the problems, then the whole world will be happy and peaceful.

Now, a question may arise. Is the wearing of the gemstone a waste of time and money?
No, because the gemstone helps in reducing the effect of sins by motivating us to take the right decisions. It also blocks the bad energy of certain stars. It reduces the sin of slight or thin bad Karma, but it cannot remove very bad results due to hard Karma, which native did.

Mostly, people wonder if horoscopes really work. Or how do predictions work? Astrological prognostications are based on a horoscope or birth chart, which can be made by placing planets in 12 houses in a horoscope.

Does astrology help?

By analyzing all conjunctions in the horoscope, astrology can help in understanding the ways of life, and can help to show the right things, which we need to do. Mostly, the people who encounter their problems with astrological remedies perceive it as true or accurate.

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