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Astrology disease predictions - How to forecast health issue in the astrology

Predict sickness with astrology: As you have read in the previous chapter, what are the basic keys to forecasting the cure and diseases. Here, we try to explain how to determine and predict the fitness issues with astrological logic.

Astrology has many meanings for a rule or conjunction and every logic or rule has exceptions. So, it is not necessary that all logic or rules described on the page go true. This chart image helps to understand diseases' houses in a horoscope.

Diseases houses in a horoscope
Diseases houses in an astrology chart

How to predict health from the horoscope - Astrology Diseases Predictions

For each health related forecast, the astrologer should examine three things, the lord planet of the body part, the house related to the body part and position and influence on the owner planet of the related house.

Secondly, examine the ascendant, the Moon, 6th and 8th house, and running transit in the horoscope. Specially, it may occur during transit of planets, which is associated with the specific body part. Remember, mighty ascendant, strong owner of ascendant, malefic influence free 6th and 8th house help to be healthy, and reduce or remove the force of sickness.

You can see the houses and planets related to the body parts in a chart on the previous post.

How to predict about eyes as per astrology?

The right eye comes under the second house in the horoscope and the left eye can be seen from the 12th house as per astrology. Eyes are associated with the planet Sun and Moon, and 2nd and 12th place in a horoscope. Some situations in the birth chart are indications of health issues in the eyes, given below.

  • If the Sun or Moon has harmful influences of malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu or Ketu in the chart along with any harmful impacts in the 2nd or 12th houses.
  • The lords of 2nd and 12th are located at bad places such as 6th, 8th or 12th places in a birth chart or suffering from the bad influences of other planets.

How to define stomach and liver predictions from a horoscope?

The fifth house and Jupiter are lords of the stomach. And, digestive power and liver are related to Jupiter also, so Jupiter is more near to stomach predictions. Digestive systems can be seen by examining the 4th house also. An astrologist should examine these conjunctions in a horoscope to define stomach and liver predictions.

  • Examine the malefic effectiveness of other planets upon the planet Jupiter, 5th house and the lord of the fifth house. If these bad effects are there, it can lead to health issues for the stomach or liver.

To reduce the bad effects of the horoscope, wearing a yellow Sapphire, worship of Lord Vishnu, wearing yellow clothes, eating the yellow grams helps a lot. All these things are concerned with Jupiter and these things make Jupiter powerful.

Are there astrological ways to know kidney problems from a birth chart?

The right side kidney is related to the 6th and left side kidney related to the 8th house in a horoscope. The planet Mercury and owners of sixth and eighth houses have influence over the kidneys wellness. If all these things have malefic influences then it may lead to kidney problems.

How to know heart problems or conditions from the horoscope as per astrology?

The Sun has control over the heart in a body as per astrology. Besides this, the fourth house has influence over the heart and blood, and heart valves are influenced by the fifth house in a horoscope. For knowing the heart problems or conditions as per astrology, looking into these rules may help.

  • If the Sun is situated at a bad place or has effects of malefic planets, along with, bad planets situated at 4th and 5th house.
  • If the Sun, 5th house and the owner of fifth place are affected by malefic effects of planets or by vision or by bad place, especially by Rahu, which has the power to give unexpected results, it is being the cause of heart related problems.

How to predict feet from the horoscope?

Saturn is called the owner of legs, bones and knees of a body in astrology. The 11th house is associated with legs below knees, in a horoscope and 10th house rules over knees and bones also. An astrologer can predict about feet by examining these rules.

  • If the 10th or 11th house has ill effects of other bad planets, and Saturn is not strong enough.
  • If Rahu gives bad impact by his presence in 10th or 11th place or by his vision or presence with Saturn in the horoscope, it is being the cause of pain in legs and knees and other diseases, because Rahu gives the malefic influences of Saturn, 10th or 11th abode.

How to know mental conditions from the horoscope?

The Moon rules on emotions and mind. The ascendant and lord of ascendant have control over the mind, head and emotions. The planet who is situated in the first house rules over the brain and feelings. We can know the mental conditions by look into these things

  • If the Moon, the 1st house and the lord of ascendant are badly affected by malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, it may be the cause of mental disorders and problems.
  • Wearing the gemstones of the Moon and ascendant lord can increase the power of ascendant and Moon, which can help in mind peace.

How to forecast diseases of overweight or weight loss from astrology?

Most of the people suffering from being overweight, and want to reduce. Some others are thin, so want to be fit. Jupiter represents the fats and digestive power. Ascendant signs and ascendant lords are liable for the body structure and weight also.

For a normal weight of the body, Jupiter should be free from malefic influences. And, ascendant and its lord should be powerful in a birth chart. If Jupiter is retrograde in a horoscope chart or affected by Mars, Saturn or Rahu, it gives overweight or very low weight to the body. If Jupiter has low degree it leads to weight loss and high degree being the cause of overweight.

How to get details of mouth and teeth from astrology?

The Mercury, second house and its owner are concerned about mouth, tongue, teeth, and speech. Details of mouth area can be known by examining good or bad effects on Mercury, 2nd house and its lord. These three things determine the overall health of the mouth.

Example: If the ascendant is Leo in a horoscope and Rahu is located at 2nd house and Mercury is in 12th place with Saturn. Let us calculate the disease astrology predictions by examining malefic influences.

Second house (mouth) is badly affected by Rahu, the second house's zodiac is Virgo and Mercury is master of the zodiac and here Mercury strongly represents the mouth, speech, neck, teeth, and tongue because Mercury is lord of 2nd house also.

Further, Mercury is with planet Saturn which is located at the Cancer sign (Cancer sign is the enemy sign of Saturn and Mercury also) and further Mercury is in 12th place, again bad conjunction the Saturn has a 3rd vision (Drishti) on 2nd home which gives more bad influence. So, all bad impacts indicate strongly about the diseases related to the mouth.

Disclaimer: These predictions on this site aren't presenting any medical-advice or treatment-or-diagnosis, these are astrological forecasts and anticipate only. Readers are advised to consult his/her doctor first. We are not responsible for any unwanted result or any mental harassment or loss of money or health or any type of loss due to this article/lesion. Previous Chapter: Health and astrology.