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The Choghadiya or Chougdiya is an astrological time unit in the Hindu Panchang, and it is an astrological method to know an auspicious time to start new work so that work can be completed without any problem. Generally, Choghadiya chart is a good tool to know the auspicious time for the journey or worship. But it can be used for other works also.

Shubh Labh Choghadiya chart - There are two types of Choghadiya table in any Indian Panchanga, Day Choghadiya - the time from Sunrise to Sunset and Night Choghdiya - the time from Sunset to Sunrise. The Choghdiyas are seven types of, called - Shubh, Labh and Amrit, which are known as auspicious Muhurat, Chal or Chanchal which known as average or normal Muhurat, Udveg, Rog and Kaal which known as inauspicious Muhurat in every Hindu Panchang calendar. The inauspicious Choghdiya should be avoided for starting any work.

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Choghadiya Calculation: - First know your local time of Sunset and Sunrise. Make hours for days Choghdiya and nights Choghdiya. Then divide the time periods by eight, the result called the time period of one Choghadiya Muhurata. Generally, each Choghadiya Muhurat has time near about one and half hour. And, if you want to see instant Choghadiya today details, just use Drikpanchang calculator.

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How to assigned good or bad Choghadiya each day?

The first and last Choghadiya of the day on each day is ruled by the lord of the day. For example, on Monday, the first Muhurata is Amrit, which is ruled by the Moon and followed by other planets. The good or bad Choghadiya Muhurata based on the nature and merits of the lord.

What is a Shubh Choghadiya?

Shubh: According to the name Shubh, this is a good Muhurata, which is influenced by Jupiter, whose nature called pious in the planet astrology. Here, auspicious means Shubh in Hindi. This time unit is good to start auspicious works.

What is a Laabh Choughadiya?

Laabh: Laabh Choughadiya is an auspicious Mhurata also, which is ruled by the planet Mercury. Laabh or Labh means profit or benefit in Hindi, business or job and communications are related to Mercury also. So, it makes sense, that auspicious Mercury brings this Muhurata as a Laabh or benefit in money matters. This time unit is best to start any business deal, communication, educations.

What is the Choghadiya Amrit?

Amrit: The Moon planet known by the name Soma which is equivalent to nectar or Amrit. The Amrit Choghadiya influenced by the auspicious Moon deity. The Amrit Muhurata is good for any type of work.

What is the Chal or Char Choghadiya?

Char: Char Choghadiya known as Chanchal or Chal also, which is under the influence of auspicious planet Venus. Chanchal means in English is fickle or unstable, and this means justifies the nature of the Venus. So, works under Chanchal Muhurata are unstable also. Here, travelling is good in this time unit, as travelling is unstable in nature also. This is semi auspicious Muhurata.

What is Udveg Choghadiya?

Udveg: The Udveg means excitement or anxiety. The Sun has influence upon Udvega Choghadiya. The Sun considered as a malefic planet in astrology, so this Mhurata known as inauspicious, hence the Sun related works, like playing, government works can be done in this time unit.

What is a Rog Choghadiya?

Rog: Here, Rog mean in English is the disease. As sounds, this is an inauspicious time unit which should be avoided in any works. The Rog Choghadiya is influenced by the malefic planet Mars.

What is the Kaal Choghadiya?

Kaal: Here the Kaal or Kala means the mortality or destruction, not the period. This is a most inauspicious Muhurata, which is influenced by cruel and malefic planet Saturn, who known as a Punisher. Any work, especially travelling, should be avoided in this time frame.

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