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Choghadiya or Chougdiya is astrological time unit in Hindi panchang, and it is an astrological method to know an auspicious time to start new work so that work can be complete without any problem. Generally, choghdiya is a good tool to know the auspicious time for journey or worship. But it can be used for other works also.
There is two type of tables in any Hindu panchang, Day Choghadiya - the time from Sunrise to Sunset and Night Choghdiya - the time from Sunset to Sunrise. Choghdiya is seven types of, called - Shubh, Labh and Amrit which are known as auspicious Muhurat, Chal or Chancal which known as average or normal Muhurat, Udveg, Rog and Kaal which known as inauspicious Muhurat in every Hindu panchang. The inauspicious Choghdiya should be avoided for starting any work.
Choghadiya Calculation : - First know your local time of Sunset and Sunrise. Make hours for days Choghdiya and nights Choghdiya. Then divide the time periods by eight, the result called the time period of one Choghadiya muhurat. Generally, each Choghadiya muhurat has time near about one and half hour.

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