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Sun sign astrology is based on western astrology method and Sun planet. Sun ascendant and Sun constellation taken the main factor in it. Planet Sun situates at which zodiac in a horoscope, called Sun sign or Surya Rashi. Sun constellation reflects confidence, strength, ambitions, father, fame, money and luck. Eastern astrology is based on Moon planet practiced in India and other eastern countries, although they consider Surya Rashi and Sun planet important also. Usually, Indian astrology based on Moon zodiac and western astrology based on Sun corpus.
Chinese astrology is different from western astrology which is based on animal signs and 12 years cycle. According to Chinese astrology, each Chinese new year falls on different dates, from mid-January to mid-February and Chinese signs have the impact on each year. Animal designations of Chinese zodiac follow twelve years cycle, each Chinese sign corresponding to an animal and a year.

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Sun Sign Forecast - Chinese Sign Calculator

Sun Sign Astrology Calculator

Astrology uses two types of the zodiac sign, first is Moon zodiac and the second is Sun zodiac, read more about zodiac astrology. Our online western sign finder tool calculates Sun and Chinese sign by date of birth, just enter your birthday, month and year and know your western and animal sign with predictions. Here, you can search Sun sign and your life predictions by birth date, you will get forecast about lucky date and numbers, the lucky direction from birthplace, lucky gemstone, and color from your date of birth only. You can find Moon Rashi of your name which is most effective in your life according to Indian Vedic astrology - Moon zodiac. Online Sun sign predictions by date of birth

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Find Sun sign by birth date and Chinese sign
Online Sun sign calculator, calculate your western sign according to birth date. It forecast about sun sign traits and personality, your favorable days, stone, color and direction. Each Chinese new year falls on different dates, from mid-January to mid-February, So your Chinese zodiac sign may differ if your birth date falls between mid-January to mid-February.

The solar sign is the designation in which Sun stays in a horoscope. The Sun stays in each zodiac for 30 days approx. You can check Sun sign dates manually from the table.

Sun sign dates - Timetable for find Sun sign

Aries → March 21 - April 19
April 20 - May 20 ← Taurus
Gemini → May 21 - June 20
June 21 - July 22 ← Cancer
Leo → July 23 - August 22
August 23 - September 22 ← Virgo
Libra → September 23 - October 22
October 23 - November 21 ← Scorpio
Sagittarius → November 22 - December 21
December 22 - January 19 ← Capricorn
Aquarius → January 20 - February 18
February 19 - March 20 ← Pisces

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