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Find your Nakshatra by your Name - Many of us, don't know their exact birth date which is necessary to find out the birth Nakshtra, offers the Nakshtra calculator to find your Name Nakshatra and predictions of the constellation through Name Rashi astrology.

What is Nakshatras or Stars in astrology? - Indian astrology is based on nine planets, twelve zodiac signs, and twenty-seven Nakshtras or constellations. The zodiac comprises 360 degrees and every constellation is 13.2 degree approx. Each constellation is divided into 4 phase or Charan. During the transit of planets, every planet transit through a zodiac sign and star. Learn more about Nakshtras from Wikipedia.
What is your Nakshtra or star - Free online Nakshatra Predictor

The 27 Rashi Nakshatras are:-


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Calculate Nakshatra Astrology

Online Nakshatra Calculator - Name Nakshtra Finder - Find Your Nakshatra Through Name - Nakshatra Astrology Predictions

Find Rashi Nakshatra and forecast of stars

Nakshatra Calculator

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Your Nakshtra and Forecast
By analyzing your name's first letters, tool calculate your constellation, predict impact of star on your life. You will get brief predictions of about your attitude, life, traits, characteristics and personality forecast. You can know your negative demerits from your star. Nakshtra predictions deemed precise forecast other than zodiac prediction.
This Nakshatra calculator cannot show the birth star, it shows your Name Nakshtra and predictions.

What is Birth Nakshatra or Birth Star?
These 27 Nakshatras are connected to Moon. The Moon changes every sign within 2.3 to 2.5 days. Moon is the lord of all luminary. A birth constellation can be calculated by date of birth. Birth Nakshatra is a constellation in which the birth Moon is placed at the time of birth on a specific degree. The specific degree can be used to predict the phase or charan of a constellation.

What is Name Nakshatra or Rashi Nakshtra?
Hindu monks and sages distribute the specific letters to the specific zodiac in 4 phase. When the star is to be calculated through the forename, it is called Name Nakshatra or Rashi Nakshtra.
Each constellation has own attitude and influences in astrology. As asterism connected to the Moon, they have the impact of Moon also. Therefore, they have the influence on emotions, mind, thinking patterns, intuitions and Moon related subject also. Both Birth Nakshatra and Name Rashi Nakshatra have the impact on life of us. And, just check out our Spouse Name Lookup Calculator where you can find out your life partner name with constellations position in horoscope.

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