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In Indian astrology ghati, pal and vipal called ishtkaal which is known as Nazhika and vinazhika also. These are most important factors in natal astrology. (You can learn more about how astrology works on our site.) Any birth chart or horoscope needs ishtkaal to be prepared correctly. Ghati, pal and vipal are Indian units of astrological time. Hour, minute and second are standard time format in the world and Nazhika or Ghati, Vinazhika or Pal and vipal are similar in Indian astrology standard. Generally, according to world time standard, the day begins after 12.00 o'clock midnight, but according to Hindu astrology, a day begins with Sunrise and first Nazhika occur from Sunrise.

Ghati called Ghatika and Nazhika and Pal called Vighati or Vinazhika also. We offer this tool for those who want to make Kundali and predictions through Ishtkaal. This is the first tool on the internet which convert hour to Nazhika.

Online Ghati Converter - Nazhika calculator - Hour to Nazhika converter - Convert Birth Time to Ghati, Pal and Vipal

Online Nazhika converter tool for convert hour to Ghati - Ishtkaal Time Calculator

Birth Time To Nazhika Ghati Converter

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Online Nazhika Converter

How to use the birth time calculator for Nazhika?
Enter your CORRECT birth time (hour, minutes and seconds) and correct Sunrise time of your birthplace on your birth date, in the form and press convert button
Enter birth hour in 24 hours format (e.g. for 6.00 PM enter 18 and for 9.00 AM enter 09)
If you do not know Sunrise time of your bday of your birthplace, you can find Sunrise time at or at

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