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Interesting tips of astrology, meditation and Swarodaya

Knowledgeable observations and aspects of astrology, meditation, Swarodaya Shastra and Vedic Sutra. Read this page in Hindi.

Interesting observations - Facts of Meditation - Astrology Tips - Vedic sutra - Facts of Astrology - Interesting spiritual facts

Facts of meditation - Truth of meditation

1. According to Hindu Mythology, the step of meditation, where you had finished in past or pre-previous life, is the starting step for meditation in current life. Therefore the reason that one can achieve meditation revolution in short time.

2. Some symptoms of meditation after success (Samadhi) are that face and mind look reddish due to the flow of blood on the face for some time because in mindfulness meditation blood flows to the mind because of high oxygen level.

3. A basic difference between hypnotism and meditation is, in self-hypnosis, it lets from conscious mind to subconscious or unconscious mind. And meditation is an art of awareness of conscious mind being subconscious.

Facts of Swarodaya - Tips for Swara Shastra

1. Meals and food should be taken in right "Swara" which called Surya Swara, active stage of right breathes flow keeps metabolism system correct and well. Read more about Shiva Swara Shastra.

2. If a person suffers from any diseases such as cold, fever, acidity, blood pressure, hypertension, headache and other small diseases, the person should change the pattern of Swara. Changing of Swara may turn diseases into cure after some time. For the changing the running Swara, you should lay down and turn your side towards running Swara for 15 to 30 minutes.

Astrology tips and interesting facts

1. Good condition of Sun in a horoscope indicates strong body and eating salt more in the meal. And, if Sun is strong enough, native's confidence will be high and mostly native lead the family.

2. Lal Kitab says, if Mars (Mangal) planet situates alone in the sixth house in birth chart (Kundli) that mean native's father has/had two real brothers.

3. This astrology tips described how to know the birth date from a horoscope. Calculation of birth date, month and year from a birth chart (Kundli) is to be done from Saturn (Shani), Sun (Surya), Moon (Chandra) and degree of these planets. simple indication rules for this are (a) Saturn comes on a sign after every 30 years and stay in a sign approx 2.5 years (b) Sun stays in a zodiac indicate the specific time period (around 30 days) as per Solar Astrology (c) Moon stays in a sign for approx two and half days.

4. According to "Parashara" astrology, if inter-term transit (anter dasha) of "Mahadashanath" (Lord of a planetary term) goes worst then rest of "Mahadasha" goes well.

5. According to astrology, diseases come due to lack of influence of good (Shubh) planets and malefic effect of bad planets. Adjusting to these effects turns diseases into good health. Read detailed article on diseases astrology

6. If Mars (Mangal) planet situates alone in the tenth house in a birth chart (Kundli), indicates that the native is a short tempered and angry person, and he can be the owner of three houses in life.

7. Usually considered that if man's birth time in early morning, or at mid-noon (Near 12 AM), or at mid-night (Near 12 PM) conceived man lucky. Like Lord Krishna was born 12 PM mid-night and Lord Rama was born 12 Am afternoon, and the world knows about them.

Observations of Vedic Sutra

1. According to "Devi Bhagwat" and "Markendaya Puran" if intercourse is to be done at specific even night or odd night and woman goes pregnant then child conceived will be lucky, healthy and genius. Count the day first of menstruation as odd and second as even and so on ahead. Intercourse should be done between 8 to 16 days for purpose of pregnancy. Read detailed article on planning of baby

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