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Hypnotism - How to do Hypnosis

Hypnotism Techniques - Secrets of Hypnosis

What is hypnotism - Hypnosis is state of awareness of a trans sleep when unconscious mind is highly active. This is a great psychic ability of command, and cast skill of faith full impressions on others. Hypnotism is self-healing tool also, which can be called self hypnosis. It lets you from conscious mind to subconscious or unconscious mind and make you heightened focus and concentration on a particular thought. Hypnosis is scientific psychic art in which hypnotist try to hypnotize someone with specific hypnotism tricks. A hypnotized subject follows almost all orders of the hypnotist. Do you ever seen any magician who hypnotized a boy and ordered him to be a girl and he react mentally as a girl or he made him like an animal and the subject mentally turn in to that character. Indeed, hypnotism is weird knowledge to control and influence other person's thought and mind.
Hypnosis Techniques - How to do self hypnotism
Hypnosis Secrets and tips - Hypnotism in Hindi

Hypnotism Techniques - Practical Hypnotism - Guided Hypnosis - Hypnotism Tips and Tricks - Self Hypnosis Secrets

How to do hypnotism - Learn hypnosis

How to Hypnotize

Hypnotism Tips and Tricks - If you want to learn hypnotism, follow some basic principle of guided hypnosis.
1. Have faith in hypnotism - Many of us can not believe this, but today many doctors and psychic therapist use hypnosis as an alternative therapy. Through hypnotism, they make up their mind to fight against diseases. Even, Some surgeons use this as anesthesia and do surgery and patient does not feel the pain of an operation. Many detective agencies use hypnotism techniques to find out truth from the subject who wants to keep it secret. Before learning hypnosis, you should read the article of American Psychological Association so that your trust can be strong on hypnosis. Remember, this is not a magic nor a spell, it is purely a psychic technique but its results are paranormal. So, have faith in hypnosis.
2. I can do hypnotism - Believe in yourself that you can do hypnosis, if you can not faith in yourself, the negative energy will work and you may not get success. So believe in yourself before start guided hypnosis application.
3. Make belief in hypnotized person - The main tip, when you start a hypnotism session, you must start with a friendly chat with the subject and make believe that you can do it on him/her.

4. Before practiced guided hypnosis, you should enhance your clairvoyance powers with meditation. This is not necessary, but I highly recommend it. It will improve your command power, faith, and positive energy.
5. These Hypnotism techniques may not work on a mental retired person, the person who not knows and understand your language and instructions and anyone who take hypnosis as totally joking.
6. A hypnotized person cannot follow your orders if orders are highly against his/her attitude, religion, moral or legal activities. When subject finds this types of orders, unconscious mind protest which knows this is not fair, and he/she become out of hypnosis process. You cannot hypnotize anyone without his/her own will.
7. It is never heard that any hypnotized person can not awake from trans or sleep. If you do not wake up the person, the subject may fall into natural sleep and will wake up automatically. And if, you lose your command or person does not follow your instructions, the subject may fall into natural sleep also.

How to do hypnotism - Before start hypnosis session, keep in mind there are many hypnosis tips and tricks which can be followed to learn hypnosis. If you want to know how to hypnotize someone, apply this type of session.
Tell the person whom you want to hypnotize, to sit on a chair or lay down on the bed. Instruct the subject to relax and slack the body. Tell him to do deep breathing and forget other worldly things. You have to slack hypnotized person, therefore make an illusion before his/her eyes with illusion circle or pendulum or small crystal ball. During the presentation of illusion, start a hypnotism speech in solemn sound.

Hypnosis speech text - "Now you should follow this pendulum with your eyes without a this pendulum are watching this without a blink really,... is this stress your eyes, never it seems you can not open your eyes more, I feel can feel are feeling that your body is so relaxed that you can not move it except your eyes...feel it yourself, you want to want to sleep...CLOSE YOUR EYES.........go for a nice I am going to start counting from one to ten, concentrate on this, on each counting you will go to deeper and deeper sleep......10...9...8....sleep...7...6...5...GO TO DEEP you are in a deep sleep. Now you follow my orders and instructions....when I will count from 1 to 10 and when I will reach on number tenth, you will awake totally, then open your eyes slowly and take a rest for a while."

Test hypnosis success - In this hypnotism technique you can instruct the subject to do fulfill your orders, you should order anything during hypnotism speech. Well, how to know the person is hypnotized or not, take some test, although you can test this with your own examination.
1. Tell him during practical hypnotism "I am going to pinch on your hand, but you will not feel anything", pinch and watch the results.
2. "Stand your leg or hand until my next order but you can not feel any pain or stress", by saying so watch symbols of the subject. If hypnotized, none of the feeling comes out.
3. Do you know in a deep sleep, person's eye cornea remain towards eyebrows, check it. And, if hand fingers bend towards the palm, you can try to straighten them, if the subject in deep sleep, fingers come back to curve position. This is unique hypnosis tips.

How to practice self hypnotism - Do you know about self hypnosis, this is a way to hypnotize yourself. It is more difficult to do hypnotize another person. You should gazing the crystal ball or illusion circle or candlelight and after some days, you may see other illusion, you may meditate through this, you do not need to make a hypnotism speech for it because you know this in your inner soul what are you doing. Only one thing, you should take a resolution to what for you are going to do self hypnotism.

Benefits of Hypnotism - That is hypnosis, anyone can learn it and serve people with this mystic power. Hypnotism can be used for relaxation and reduce anxiety. Hypnosis used to improving memory power, confidence and reduce mental and little physical pain or stress. If you are more sincere, you can enhance psychic abilities and powers with hypnosis. This is used for memory recall or past recall also. It can be used for to leave bad habits also.
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