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Astrology Questions and Answers

Why astrology is a pseudoscience?

Astrology is a pseudoscience because it cannot be proven through modern science. Astrology is based on anticipates by examining a horoscope, there cannot be any scientific logic.

Can astrology predict about the children?

With the help of a birth chart, an astrologer can predict the children's future. 5th house and 9th house are responsible for predictions regarding the children. Mostly, 5th house stands for the first child and 9th house stands for other children.

When Vedic astrology started?

Vedic astrology is the part of ancient Indian scriptures called Vedas and Upnishads. Astrology known as Jyotish in Vedic astrology. It is proven fact that Vedic astrology started ages ago in ancient India.

Can astrology predict winning the lottery?

No, astrology cannot say when you will win a lottery or what amount you may win, rather it can tell the timings of the monetary gain, which may occur due to a deal or lottery or anything else.

Can astrology be trusted?

Yes, sometimes, astrology can be trusted, when you seek any help. Like, for a matchmaking with a life partner, astrology deemed reliable. Although, it is subject of a person's belief and trust.

Which astrology is most accurate?

Astrology has various branches such as Vedic astrology, western astrology, Chinese, Babylonian, Celtic, Egyptian etc. But, Indian Vedic and western astrology are widely accepted. Although, Vedic astrology has deep knowledge and considered more accurate.

Can astrology predict love?

Yes, Indian astrology has a wide range of knowledge about this. Horoscope matching is one of the method to predict the love and marriage related forecast. Astrology helps to discover partner's interest, looks and traits etc.

Can astrology predict divorce?

Yes, if malefic planets Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars have influences over the 7th house, and lord of 7th house is weak and badly impacted by cruel planets, then a divorce can be happened.

Can astrology predict marriage?

Yes, if 7th house and its lord, are auspicious and Saturn has no serious impact over first house or 7th house, a marriage can be predicted, whether it will be successful or not. Certain transit of planets can tell the timing of a wedding. Some constellations reading can help to search name of life partner.

Can astrology predict career?

Career related predictions through astrology can be made by examining 1st and 10 houses of a birth chart. Actually, it tells most compatible career, which native should opt in, if one wants to be successful.

How astrology affects personality?

Astrology is an art of known of possibilities, so it can be said that we can anticipate personality traits from astrology. Planets, constellations and zodiac signs are responsible to affect a person's personality. All these three things have cosmic vibrations, which make the effects on others.

Can astrology predictions be changed?

No, if the predictions made with the described rules of astrology, so it cannot be changed. Although, wrong calculations or opinion of various astrologers are lead to changing of the forecast.

Can astrology cure disease?

No, astrology cannot cure any disease. It can search possibilities of a disease in the native's life. Some astrological remedies of planets can slow down the disease force.

Are astrology charts accurate?

It depends on the astrologer's efforts and calculations. Despite this, for the accurate astrology charts, there is a need of correct birth date, time and location information.

Can astrology change my life?

Astrology helps to find out most compatible ways of the life, so we can say, if someone takes life decisions according to astrology, then certainly astrology can change the life.

Which astrology sign is the best?

There are not a good or bad sign in the astrology. Because zodiac signs are 12 only, which divided in billions of people. Any astrology sign can be good or bad, which can be decided based on their horoscope's planets position.

Can astrology predict sexuality?

Yes, 7th house, its lord and Venus are responsible for a person's sexuality, which can be foreseen by examining the birth chart. The Moon is also responsible for the native's emotions about sexuality.

Are astrology compatibility signs true?

Yes, astrology compatibility based on the traits of both sign and lord planets. It is easy to match compatibility between two persons through zodiac signs.

Can astrology change destiny?

Astrology is a way to check ways of life and destiny force. It cannot change the destiny of a native. But, some remedies like wearing gemstones can speed up or reduce the destiny. Like, wearing gemstone of lord of luck can help to remove burdens from the life and help to speed up destiny.

Can astrology tell the future?

Astrology is made for seeing future events, so yes, astrology can tell the future. Such as when one can get married or fall ill, etc. What can be happened in the native's life is predicted through conjunctions of planets and zodiac sign in a horoscope.

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