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AstrologyFutureEye.Com is a great destination for numerology, astrology and horoscope readings. We believe in serving people who need astrological and psychic help for their problems. We offer various types of tools, readings and contents. We aim to develop an Indian astrological research portal, which can help people. We offer exclusive tools and reports for our readers.

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The website is owned and operated by founder Jugraj Vadera. To serve people with accurate Vedic astrology, the astrologer Jugraj Vadera started the website in the year 2010.

About Jugraj Vadera
The brain behind AstrologyFutureEye.Com - Jugraj Vadera is the founder and operator of the website. He is a well-known writer, astrologer, numerologist and professional man. He has been more than 25 years of studying and experiencing astrology, numerology and other psychic and spiritual subjects such as meditation, hypnotism, Vaastu Shastra etc. He has a very good hold on numerology and palmistry. He mastered various branches of astrology and numerology like Parashari, Western astrology, Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology etc.

Jugraj Vadera is the chief admin, writer and editor, webmaster and programmer of this website, in fact, his role is 'one man army' for this website. He was willing to start an online portal, and made endless efforts to make a unique website for psychic contents to discover, learn and serve the world. He has experience in web development, software designing and Java and PHP also.

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The is intended for the public, who want to explore pseudoscience subjects like astrology, numerology etc.


The's contents are information purposes only, because subjects such as astrology, numerology etc. Known as pseudoscience. Therefore, users are advised not to make decisions based on this site's content. Use your own judgments wisely. Read the full disclaimer.

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