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Virgo Horoscope Zodiac - Traits and Personality Forecast

Horoscope Sign Predictions for Virgo
Zodiac Sign - VirgoZodiac Symbol - Maiden
Lord Planet - MercuryBehaviour - Gentle (Tamoguni)
Moon Sign Alphabet - To, P, Pi, Pu, Sh, Na, Th, Pe, PoConstellation - Uttrafaalguni, Hast, Chitra
Sun Sign Date - August 23 To September 22Lucky Days - Wednesday, Sunday
Lord Deity - Durga, GanpatiMerits - Female, Trader(Vaisya)
Compatible Direction - SouthForm & Element - Dual (Dwi-Swabhav) & Earth
Gemstone - Emerald in Little FingerLucky Metal & Color - Gold & Green
Compatible Signs - Aries, Gemini, Leo, LibraLucky Number/Dates - 5, 14, 23

Virgo zodiac sign prediction - Virgo astrology - Virgo characteristics and personality Forecast

Mercury Mantra

"Om Bram Brim Brom Sah Budday Namah"

Mercury Vedic mantra

"Priyangukalikashyamam Rupenapratimm Bhuddam Soumym Soumygunopetm Tam Buddham Prnmamyham"

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Virgo Zodiac Sign prediction - Virgo Traits and Characteristics
Element earth, ruled by Mercury, critical point of view, studious, adaptable, quiet, health conscious, critical, petty, self-centered, methodical and loving.

Virgo Horoscope Personality Forecast - Virgo zodiac sign born persons are tall with the slender body. They have dark hair, curved and hairy eyebrows, thin and shrill voice and walk quickly. The personality of Virgoans, they look younger than their age and have frank and honest expression of the eyes and sometimes beautiful blue eyes. Astrology sign Virgo called Kanya Rashi in Indian Vedic Jyotish.

Virgo Horoscope Characteristics Forecast - Virgo sign has characteristics of scholarly qualities of learning, active mind, good mental abilities and critical. Their IQ level is above the ordinary. Virgoans are usually methodical and lacking in self-confidence. They love mathematics and the wisdom of the heavens, pleasant talkers and love good principles and philosophy. They are deep thinkers. Try your mathematics skill with numerology numbers.
Other Virgo characteristics forecast are, they are emotional and get carried away by sentiments. They feel uncomfortable in the crowd and have changeable nature, often change their residence. Virgoans have commercial instinct, which is practical, methodical and discriminative. They are ruled by the intellectual planet, Mercury who is the lord of mathematics, computing, music, art, and sculpture. As due to the influence of Mercury, they may become as writers, publishers, and teachers.

Virgo Horoscope Traits Forecast - They are ambitious for wealth and fame. They like traveling, music, own family and have soft speaking, artist, merciful and ambitious nature. Virgo persons are interested in modern equipment and usually like study of science particularly about medicine, food, diet, hygiene etc. They have wanderlust, peaceful domestic life but usually not succeed in love affairs, due to fault-finding nature. Virgoans have a happy married life with an honest life partner. They should not be sensitive and chatty and should leave the habit of fault-finding.
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