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Sign Taurus Horoscope - Traits and Characteristics - वर्षभ

Astrology Sign Predictions of Taurus
Zodiac Sign - TaurusZodiac Symbol - Bull
Lord Planet - VenusBehaviour - Gentle (Rajoguni)
Moon Sign Alphabet - E, U, Ae, O, V, Vi, Vu, Ve, VoConstellation - Kritika, Rohini, Mrigshira
Sun Sign Date - April 20 To May 20Lucky Days - Friday, Saturday
Lord Deity - LakshmiMerits - Female, Trader(Vaisya)
Compatible Direction - SouthForm & Element - Stable (Sthir) & Earth
Gemstone - Diamond in Ring FingerLucky Metal & Color - Gold & White
Compatible Signs - Libra, Capricorn, AquariusLucky Number/Dates - 6, 15, 24

Taurus Zodiac Sign Prediction - Taurus Astrology Traits Forecast

Venus Mantra

"Om Dram Drim Drom Sah Shukray Namah"

Venus Vedic mantra

"Himkundmrinalabham Datyanaam Parmam Gurum Sarvshastrapravktaram Bhargavm Prnmamyham"

Taurus Mantra

"Om Hrim Klim Srim"

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Taurus Traits - Characteristics - Personality Prediction
Element earth, ruled by Venus planet, sensual, pleasure-seeker, realistic, stable, uncompromising, social, careless, romantic, dependent

Taurus Horoscope Personality Forecast - Zodiac sign Taurus has the personality of short to middle stature and broad forehead, bright eyes, thick and, stout neck, dark hair, clear complexion and well-developed body. Taurus persons have the beautiful face and they are likely to be short. Astrology sign Taurus called Varshbh Rashi in Indian astrology.

Taurus Horoscope Characteristics Forecast - Taurus persons are persevering, constant, determined, good steady worker. Patient, sincere, reliable and ambitious for power, social, affectionate and loving, these are some characteristics traits of such persons. They want to do sacrifice and interested in competitive games. Taurus sign, sometimes unreasonable. Taurus men are high-principled.
Taurian should think before act. They are mentally strong and their physical stamina remains excellent. Some great characteristics are, they are donor, friendly nature, clever, proudly, wealthy, and health conscious.

Taurus Horoscope Traits Forecast - Taurus persons are fond of love, pleasures, art, music, and literature. They may have many love affairs. They enjoy a good health. Divorce is rare with them. They like truth spoken people and the group of friends. Taurian is usually not satisfied with own life. Girls like Taurus born persons more.
Taurus persons are devoted to their life partner. They never neglect the house and the needs of the partner. They like to see their partner well dressed, attractive and pleasing. Such persons will have more daughters than sons and they may not be very happy as regards happiness from children.

Taurus persons should not be obstinate, slow in action. Don’t be selfish. They should not retain anger for a long time. Avoid doubting others.

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