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Sagittarius Sign - Characteristics and Personality

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Predictions Free
Zodiac Sign - SagittariusZodiac Symbol - Archer
Lord Planet - JupiterBehaviour - Cruel (Satoguni)
Moon Sign Alphabet - Ye, Yo, Bh, Bhi, Bhu, Dh, F, Dhh, BheConstellation - Mool, Purvashadha, Uttrashadha
Sun Sign Date - November 22 To Dec. 21Lucky Days - Thursday
Lord Deity - VishnuMerits - Male, Warrior(Kshtriya)
Compatible Direction - EastForm & Element - Dual(Dwi-Swabhav) & Fire
Gemstone - Topaz in Index FingerLucky Metal & Color - Gold & Yellow
Compatible Signs - Aries, Leo, PiscesLucky Number/Dates - 3, 12, 21, 30

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius prediction - Sagittarius astrology - Sagittarius horoscope characteristics - personality Forecast

Jupiter Mantra

"Om Gram Grim Grom Sah Gurve Namah"

Jupiter Vedic mantra

"Devanam C Rishinaam C Gurum Kanchansanibham Buudhibhutam Trilokeshm Tam Nmami Brihsptim"

Sagittarius Mantra

"Om Hrim Klim Souha"

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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign prediction - Sagittarius Traits Horoscope
Element fire, ruled by Jupiter, free spirit, carefree, cheerful, outspoken, humorous, restless, lack of humility, philosophical and lucky.

Horoscope Sagittarius Personality Forecast - Zodiac sign Sagittarius born persons have well proportioned and well-formed body, generally long and oval face, large forehead, beautiful eyebrows, long nose, and bright expressive blue or hazel eyes. They gave clear complexion and have charming appearance, graceful look, and handsome figure. Astrology sign Sagittarius called Dhanu Rashi and ruled by planet Jupiter in ancient astrology.

Horoscope Sagittarius Characteristics Forecast - Sagittarius persons are generous, restless, bold, ambitious, good-tempered, frank, free, cheerful, charitable and friendly. Wisdom, patience, knowledge of sciences and arts are represented by Jupiter and they have these qualities. They have self-confidence, activeness in work. Despite all their good characteristics they are likely to be misunderstood by others.

Sagittarian love traveling, speed in life, outdoor sports and exercises and interested in philosophy, law, medicine, and religion also. They have professional brilliance and reputation. Sagittarian are considered lucky, healthy, proudly, soft-spoken and knowledge full. They act after deep consideration with both aspects of positive and negative and lover of liberty, independence and freedom. They are over-anxious, brave and restless.

Horoscope Sagittarius Traits Forecast - Sagittarius respect religion, law and order and customs. They are wealthy and prosperous and quite capable of earning the goodwill. Usually, they are highly educated, if not, then they have qualities of other fine arts. Sagittarian have morality, dignity but maturity comes late in their life. They will be generous towards the opposite gender and friendly with them and like food and nice clothes.

Sagittarius should be moderate and not hate their relations, parents, and brothers. False promises, insults or hurting others are their basic traits, which should be avoided. Find your Western Sign Predictor

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