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Horoscope Gemini - Traits and Personality Forecast

Zodiac Sign Predictions for Gemini
Zodiac Sign - GeminiZodiac Symbol - Twins
Lord Planet - MercuryBehaviour - Cruel (Tamoguni)
Moon Sign Alphabet - K, Ki, Ku, Gh, Dh, Chh, Ke, Ko, HCompatible Signs - Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius
Sun Sign Date - May 21 To June 20Lucky Days - Wednesday
Lord Deity - Durga, GanpatiMerits - Male, Worker(Shudra)
Compatible Direction - WestForm & Element - Dual (Dwi-Swabhav) & Air
Gemstone - Emerald in Little FingerLucky Metal & Color - Gold & Green
Constellation - Mrigshira, Aadra, PunarvasuLucky Number/Dates - 5, 14, 23

Zodiac sign Gemini prediction - Gemini astrology - Traits and Characteristics Forecast - Gemini Horoscope

Mercury Mantra

"Om Bram Brim Brom Sah Budday Namah"

Mercury Vedic Mantra

"Priyangukalikashyamam Rupenapratimm Bhuddam Soumym Soumygunopetm Tam Buddham Prnmamyham"

Gemini Mantra

"Om Srim Aim Souha"

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Gemini Zodiac Sign - Traits and Characteristics Prediction
Element air, ruled by Mercury planet, quick, versatile, shy, friendly, adaptable, communicative, criticizer, complainer, expressive.

Gemini Horoscope Personality Forecast - Zodiac sign Gemini persons are tall, upright and quicker and have thin legs. Other personality traits are, they have moderate complexion, long arms, beautiful face, nose and chin. They have gray eyes and look sharp, active and quick. Astrology sign Gemini called Mithun Rashi in Hindu astrology.

Gemini Horoscope Characteristics Forecast - Gemini is lovely, quick-witted, intelligent, nervous and restless. They are very difficult to understand, being of dual nature, but very reliable in emergency. Gemini sign corresponds to music, dance, painting, travels and inventions. They have such influences in behavior.
Gemini's characteristics are interested in original, artistic works of any kind. They are very determined persons and lawful. They are versatile by nature and they have intellectual ability. They are ambitious, curious to know the results of their efforts immediately.

Gemini Horoscope Traits Forecast - Gemini persons may suffer from nervous breakdowns and have conversational and literary abilities. They are soft-spoken, merciful, good singers, wealthy, clever and friendly nature. Such persons have lack of concentration and quick decision.
Other traits and characteristics of Geminis are, they behave very argumentatively but work systematically. Such persons are the best adviser and reliable. Such persons enjoy the life to peak and also suffer continuous misfortunes.

Gemini persons should avoid worry. Events will be faster in their life than others, so they should bear them and not feel disheartened.

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