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Horoscope Cancer Sign - Characteristics and Personality Prediction

Cancer Zodiac Predictions
Zodiac Sign - CancerZodiac Symbol - Crab
Lord Planet - MoonBehaviour - Gentle (Satoguni)
Moon Sign Alphabet - Hi, Hu, He, Ho, D, Di, Du, De, DoConstellation - Punarvasu, Pushya, Ashlesha
Sun Sign Date - June 21 To July 22Lucky Days - Monday
Lord Deity - Shiva, SaraswatiMerits - Female, Literate(Brhamin)
Compatible Direction - NorthForm & Element - Movable (Char) & Water
Gemstone - Pearl in Little FingerLucky Metal & Color - Silver & White/Cream
Compatible Sign - Libra, Scorpio, PiscesLucky Number/Dates - 2, 11, 20, 29

Zodiac sign Cancer prediction - Cancer astrology - Traits and Personality Forecast

Moon Mantra

"Om Shram Shrim Shrom Sah Chandray Namah"

Moon Vedic mantra

"Ddhishanktusharabam Shrodarnvsambhavam Nmami Shashinam Somm Shambhormukutbhushnam"

Cancer Mantra

"Om Aim Klim Shrim"

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Cancer Zodiac Sign prediction - Cancer Traits and Characteristics
Element water; ruled by the Moon planet, emotional, seeks safety and closeness, moody, reflective, passive, sensitive, attached to the past

Cancer Horoscope Personality Forecast - Zodiac sign Cancer born persons have not usually average height, they have a short nose, light blue eyes, pale complexion sometimes very beautiful, small hands and feet as personality. Astrology sign Cancer called Karka Rashi in Vedic astrology.

Cancer Horoscope Characteristics Forecast - Cancer persons face many changes in life, novelty and traveling. They are attached to relations and home and have not patient. They have traits of emotion, over-sensitive and diplomatic. Their anger comes and goes quickly.

Cancer-related persons face ups and downs of positions and occupations. They are sentimental and talkative. They are tied and tuned to the cosmic world, most of the saints and mystics people are born in this zodiac.
Other characteristics like, have strong emotional and romantic nature. They cannot tolerate dishonesty. They love the mundane pleasures of life, particularly home and children. They are criticizers and interfering in household matters causes unpleasant atmosphere.

Cancer Horoscope Traits Forecast - Cancerians are inconstant and fickle minded as they are ruled by the Moon. They believe in work instead of chatting. They are wealthy, healthy but selfish. Some ups and downs come in their life. Usually, they suffer from headache. They like to live another place instead of their native place. They have an attitude to store many things for the future living.

Cancer persons should keep patient, enduring, and avoid sensitiveness. Indolence and changeability are their weak points to be corrected.

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