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Lord Shri Ram Stotra - Rama Prayer

Shri Ram

Lord Shri Ramchandra is avatar of God Vishnu. He consorts of Mata Sita. Rama called Hari, Maryada Pursottam and Raghunath. Rama did a terrible war against demon Ravana. Lord Hanuman is his great devotee and commander of his force during war against Ravan. Shri Rama holds a bow for destroying demons. Great Laxmana, Bharat and Shatrughan are his younger brothers. Sage Vishavamitra was his teacher (guru). Vijayadashmi is festival of Hindus for celebrating the victory over Ravan and Deepavali is celebrating for returning of Rama to his own city Ayodhaya. Worship of Lord Shri Rama removes all sins of all births. Rama had qualities of moral obligations, characteristic, and bravery.

राम मन्त्र - "ॐ रां रामये नमः - Ram mantra - Om Ram Ramaye Namah"

God Shri Ram Prayers - Chants - Sanskrit Stotras

Shree Rama Stotras - श्री राम प्राथर्ना

Shri Rama Prath Smaran Stotra - श्री राम प्रातः स्मरण

Shri Rama Smaran Stotra

Shri Ram Hridayam - श्रीराम हृदयं

Shree Ram Hridya Prayer

Shri Mahadev Krit Ram Stotra - श्री महादेव कृत राम स्त्रोत्र

Lord Shiva made Shri Ram Stotra which turn life into peaceful life. Recitation of Lord Ram's name is great way to remove sorrow.

Mahadev Krit Ram Stotra

Ram Ashtoter Satnaam Stotra - राम अष्टोतर सतनाम स्त्रोत्र

Rama Aastoter Satnam Stotram

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