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Raahu Stotras - Planet Raahu Prayers

Raahu is a shadow planet and Hindu deity according to Hinduism. Raahu is a cut off head of a immortal demon who drunk the divine nectar after churn the sea by Devas and Asuras. Raahu is mysterious and cruel planet and has ability to turns circumstances in mysterious way. When Raahu dasha comes, it makes people unhealthy, narrow minded, sad and non religious. Raahu called also Sadakrodhi (ever angry), Kaalroop (form of death), and Danav mantri (demon minister). Worship of Lord Hanuman may reduce bad effect of Rahu. Raahu Nagantha temple at Tamilnadu is great temple where the milk becomes blue after bathing (Abhisheka) the statue of Raahu. Recitation of Raahu Stotra and mantra help to minimize evil effects of Raahu. Raahu's gem stone is Hessonite garnet (Gomed). Raahu mantra is :

ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रों सः राहवे नमः
Om Bhram Bhrim Bhrom Sah Rahve Namah

Raahu Yantra

Raahu Yantra

God Raahu Prayer - Raahu Stotram - Raahu Mantra - Raahu Grahaa Stotras

Raahu Kavcham (armour) - राहु कवच

Raahu Kavcham

Raahu Stotra - राहु स्त्रोत्र

Raahu Stotra

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