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Krishna Sanskrit Stotra - Mantra - कृष्णा स्त्रोत्र - मंत्र

Lord Gopal

According to "Devi Bhagwat", Shri Krishna is an incarnation of Goddess Mata Mahakali. And, Radha is an avatar of God Shiva. Devi Mahakaali said in Devi Bhagwat, that "I will be born in male incarnation called Krishna. I hold the "Sudharshan Chakra" and symbols of Lord Vishnu so that, universe know me as avatar of Lord Vishnu. Mata Kaali and Lord Krishna associated with one Beej mantra "Klim". Actually, all deities of Hindu religion are from one mighty power, which described as "Prakarti" (nature). All divinities are "Braham-Shakti". Accept this fact, it is also considered that Krishna is an avatar of Lord Shri Vishnu among his tenth incarnations. Lord Krishna is the symbol of true love and friendship. He is very auspicious and kind for his devotees. The great prayer of 108 names of Krishna called Krishna Ashtoter Satnaam Stotra and Gopal Hridaya Stotra used during worship of him.

God Gopal Strotra - Krishna Namavali - Lord Krishna Stavraj Stotra - Krishna Sanskrit Stotra

Vasudev Stotras

Krishna Ashtoter Satnaam Stotra - कृष्ण अष्टोतरशत नाम स्त्रोत्र

Krishna Namavali

Shri Krishna Stavraj - श्रीकृष्ण स्तवराज

Krishna Stavraj Prayer

Gopal Hridaya Stotra - गोपाल हृदय स्त्रोत्रम

Gopal Hridaya Stotra

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