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Kaali Sanskrit Stotras - Kaalika Prayers

Devi Kaali

Kali mean Kaal (God of death, time and black) + E (feminine power). Kali is one of Mahavidhya among ten Mahavidhyas. Kali is avatar of Mata Parvati. She is very cruel for demons and very kind for her devotees. Kali known as Kalika, Mahakali, Shakti, Chamunda and Bhawani. According to Indian scripture, before creating universe, only one element was existing. That was Kali in form of black darkness. Kali's beej mantra is "Klim". Dakshineswar Kaali temple in Kolkata is great temple of Kaali. Kaali is Kundilini energy (Shakti) for yoga. Recitation of Goddess Kaali's stotras, armour with devotion keeps away from any danger or obstacle. Kaali beej mantra is :

"Krim" or "Klim".

Goddess Kaali Prayer - Kaali Kavch - Kali Stotram - Kaamkala Kali Kavch in Sanskrit

Kaalika Sanskrit Stotras

Kali Kavch - काली कवच

Kaali Kavch

Kaalika Kavcham (armour) - कालिका कवचम

Kalika Kavcham - Kaali Armour

Kali Satnaam Stotram - काली सतनाम स्त्रोत्रम

Goddess Kaali satnaam stotra

Trilokya Mohan Kaali Kavcham (armour) - त्रिलोक्य मोहन काली कवचम

Trilokya Mohan Kaali Kavcham

Kaamkala Kaali Stotra - कामकला काली स्त्रोत्र

Kaam Kala Kaali Stotra

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